The Judean Mountains (low, up to 1000 m above the levelsea) are located around Jerusalem, and among them Zion is a mountain, which is actually a hill in the southwest. Jerusalem itself is on the southern spur of the sublime plains of the Judean Mountains. As the capital of the State of Israel - a controversial city. Palestine is claiming its eastern part, supported by a significant part of the world community. UNESCO does not consider Jerusalem as someone's possession, but it was included in the World Heritage List. His cultural values ​​are threatened by the serious dangers of armed conflicts.

zion mountain

Zion (mountain) - the symbol of Jerusalem

How did the Jewish people originate, for certainit is known. Ethnographers say that the shepherd tribes of the Khapir, the northern Semites, came from Arabia, crossed the Jordan River, which was then as deep and wide as our Oka, and conquered hilly lands, among which was Zion, a mountain that would later become sacred. And if you go according to the Bible, then the Jews are an artificial people. He was formed when God called Abram from the city of Ur (the City of Light), whose generation was tall, a man of advanced years, but of impeccable morality and did not have children, to his great sorrow. God gave everything to Abram in a new place: herds, money, respect for neighbors, but still he did not have children. And when the angel appeared to his wife Sarah and told her that she would give birth, then Sarah just laughed: "I'm old, and my lord is old." To which the angel replied: "Is there anything impossible for the Lord?" And Sarah conceived. And it is believed that all of the generation of Israel, as well as Arabs and Muslim peoples, originated from her sons. And Abram began to be called Abraham, the father of many peoples.

Well, how to treat this? As you wish. Here there is a discrepancy between the history of the scientific and the sacred. Many centuries elapsed, the land of Israel, like the whole world, was under the boot of Roman legionaries. And how do conquerors behave among conquered peoples? Rampant. The Jews began to prepare for the uprising. The people bought up daggers, swords, armor. A war was about to be called, which later would be called the Jewish war. But it did not bring victory to the Jews, but on the contrary, they were expelled from their homeland, from their native temple, standing on a hill. This is Mount Zion, the mountain is holy. The Jewish people aspired to return to it, but the Romans finally expelled the Jews from their homeland, they dispersed throughout the world by diasporas. And the land received from the Romans the name Palestine.

Mount Zion in Jerusalem

Temple Mount

Zion, or Zion, - this name bore the fortress,which was located on a small hill near the Temple Mount. And later the name Zion (mountain) became synonymous with Jerusalem. Josephus Flavius ​​shared during the Roman occupation of the city on the Lower, Temple and Upper Town. For contemporaries this place, the Upper Town, was of no interest, it was forgotten. But when Jesus appeared, he held the Last Supper in the upper room. The place for this was Sion (mountain). There was built a small Christian church after the Savior ascended to heaven. The prophets foretold that the salvation of mankind would come from Mount Zion. Therefore, the first Christians called the Upper City Zion. Here, the disciples and relatives of Christ created their first community. By the middle of the fourth century, Zion (the mountain) belonged completely to Christians. They treated him like a shrine. By this time the mountain was already protected by a wall, in which there were gates. Through them passed the road that surrounded Zion and separated it from the whole city.

mountain sion mountain holy

In the Middle Ages

After the dissolution of the Western Romanthe empire, Jerusalem began to belong to the East, whose capital was Constantinople. Jerusalem was almost completely Christianized, for faith in Byzantium was strong. But in the 40-ies of the seventh century it was captured by Muslims. However, Europe could not accept the fact that Christian shrines are under the authority of the infidels. A series of crusades passed. Twice Mount Zion in Jerusalem belonged to the Christian Crusaders. In the East, or rather, in Constantinople, some of the Crusaders met with Jews who successfully traded with the whole world.

city ​​of Zion and Mount Zion

Templars, Masons and Zion

Crusaders learned that to pay for goodsIt is not necessary to transport mountains of gold, but quite enough debt receipts. Trading thus, the Order of the Knights Templar became rich. This was not tolerated by the King of France Philippe the Beautiful, and in search of the riches of the Order, he arrested almost all of his members at the same time, tortured and burned them heretics at the stake. The survivors who fled from France to the desolate mountains of Scotland and Switzerland founded the Masonic brotherhood, which, being true to all Christian covenants, nevertheless became the impetus for the development of new forms of trade in Europe. Unable to reach the real holy Zion, they in Switzerland built their own city of Zion. In it, the Masons supposedly created their first bank. Then the banking system in Switzerland developed extraordinarily and brought to the small country both riches and fame, because there were no natural minerals and trade routes. The city of Zion and Mount Zion are separated from each other by many thousands of kilometers. But for the first Masons, he served as a symbol of the holy land.


In the post-war years, more precisely in the year 47, by decision of theThe UN Palestine was divided into Jewish and Arab states. The Arabs did not accept this, and blood flows from both sides endlessly. But the Jews, having found their historical homeland, are not going to lose it. They revived this fantastic affair, long dead bookish language, Hebrew, and all of it is perfectly mastered and polls are spoken on it. In memory of the Holocaust on Mount Zion in Jerusalem is the grave of Oscar Schindler, a German industrialist who saved about 1,200 Jews from being exterminated by the Nazis in concentration camps.

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City of Three Religions

For two millennia this land has becomea holy one for Muslims, as well as for Jews and Christians. All of them have their own shrines here. Many are located in Jerusalem on Mount Zion, which today is all built up. The old city is divided into Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian quarters.

The wall of mourning, partly excavated, has truly cyclopean dimensions and is the main shrine of Judaism.

The Dome of the Rock Mosque is the main mosque in Jerusalem. But for Muslims, the most important place is the ascension of Muhammad to heaven - the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


Christians are attracted to the Garden of Gethsemane, where olive trees still grow and where Jesus was betrayed by his disciple.

In the Christian quarter there are about forty places of worship, among which the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is singled out, where, until the end of the world comes, a blessed holy fire comes down each year.

Jerusalem, where Mount Zion is, gives everyone an opportunity to rethink their lives.

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