The fact that the largest oil reserves are inSaudi Arabia, even a high school student knows. As well as the fact that Russia is right behind it in the list of countries that have significant oil reserves. However, in terms of production, we are conceding to several countries.

opobskoe deposit,

The largest oil fields in Russia arepractically in all regions: in the Caucasus, in the Urals and West-Siberian districts, in the North, in Tatarstan. However, not all of them have been developed, and some, such as Tekhneftinvest, whose sites are located in the Yamalo-Nenets and neighboring Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug, are unprofitable.

That is why on April 4, 2013, a deal was opened with Rockefeller Oil Company, which has already begun to produce oil in the area.

However, not all of Russia's oil and gas fields are loss-making. Proof of this is the successful extraction, which several companies lead in the Yamal-Nenets District, on both banks of the Ob River.

the largest oil fields in Russia

Priobskoye field is considered one of the mostlarge not only in Russia, but also in the whole world. It was opened in 1982. It turned out that the reserves of West Siberian oil are located both on the left and on the right bank of the Ob River. Development on the left bank began six years later, in 1988, and the right one - eleven years later.

Today it is known that the Priobskoye field is more than 5 billion tons of high-quality oil, which is at a depth not exceeding 2.5 kilometers.

Huge oil and associated gas reserves allowedto erect near Priobskaya gas turbine power station, which operates exclusively on associated fuel. This station not only fully meets the needs of the field. It is capable of supplying electricity to the Khanty-Mansiysk District for the needs of the residents.

Today, several companies are developing the Priobskoye field.

Some believe that during the extraction from the ground, finished, refined oil is supplied. This is a profound error. The reservoir fluid that goes to

oil and gas fields of Russia
The surface (crude oil) enters the shops whereit will be cleaned of impurities and water, normalizes the amount of magnesium ions, and separates the associated gas. This is a large and high-precision work. For its implementation Priobskoye field was provided by a whole complex of laboratories, workshops and transport networks.

The finished products (oil and gas) are transported andare used for their intended purpose, only waste remains. They create today the biggest problem for the field: they have accumulated so much that it is impossible to liquidate them yet.

The enterprise, created specifically for utilization,today recycles only the most "fresh" waste. From the sludge (the so-called production waste), the company manufactures expanded clay, which is in great demand in construction. However, so far only access roads for the field are being built from the resulting expanded clay.

The deposit has one more meaning: it provides stable, well-paid work for several thousand workers, among which there are highly qualified specialists and workers without qualification.

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