Mark Ifraimov is one of the country's leading coaches. His trainings help each student to find himself, to reveal the desires and goals of his soul, to be realized in life.

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The role of relationships in human life

Since man is a social being,relations in his life play a very important, if not the main, role. By the way a person relates to the world around him, his character, psychological mood and self-esteem are determined. About any person is judged by the relationship with relatives and friends, friends and colleagues. The connection between man and nature and everything around him is evaluated. An important role in our world is played by how everyone relates to their spiritual and intellectual development.

But the main thing in this list is the relationship with theby yourself. An adequate attitude leads one to a state of goodness and happiness. And by and large all people tend to such. But to get here, you need to go through a difficult path of working on yourself. Some more purposeful and integral natures manage to make this breakthrough independently. And some need help. This is what the coach Mark Ifraim offers to listeners who are trying to change their lives for the better.

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Becoming a profession

Pursuing professionally psychology issues, in 2012 Mark graduated from the Interdisciplinary Educational and Research Center and received a diploma in the specialty "Practical Psychologist".

Going deeper into his work, studying the main problems of modern man, M. Iphraim develops his own method of overcoming the psychological difficulties that arise in many.

Having created the ANO Enlightenment Center "Education andculture of the 21st century "and being its director, Mark does not leave his practical activities. Working as a consultant and coach, he is in creative search, developing new methods for solving problems posed by the conditions of modern life.

Increasingly, seminars and trainings are being held by Mark Ifraimov. Books that reveal the methodology of working on themselves, are in great demand among readers.

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The main activities of Mark Ifraimov

Studying the nature of man, M.Ifraimov singled out three main directions, which play the main role in his development. They are decisive in working with clients.

The problem of femininity and masculinity was put on the first place. After all, man and woman, being completely different, can not exist alone without the other.

Thanks to an unusual approach to this issue,Mark Ifraimov explains who is a man and who is such a woman, how to raise a son, that he grew up to be a real hero, and how to raise a daughter, to grow a mother and wife, how to properly use gender differences to create a harmonious family.

In the material world, much attention is paid tomoney. Their shortage is familiar to everyone. But, according to Mark, this problem is from the head. And it can be solved by applying a number of techniques with which he acquaints listeners at their training sessions.

Unfortunately, it is not taught to set goals before themselves and reach them at school. But qualified assistance on this issue can be obtained at the training of Mark Ifraimov.

In addition, practicing as a psychologist andtherapist, he helps listeners to solve problems of interpersonal relations, promotes elimination of negative emotional mood, participates in creation of the desired future for their wards.

Communication of Mark Ifraimov in social networks

A certain work Mark does in socialnetworks. You can contact him on Facebook, VK. Here he communicates with his subscribers online, explains how to act in this or that case, suggests what is wrong, and how to correct mistakes in perception of yourself and the world in order to remove all the negative from your life.

Having entered the blog, you can get to knowa variety of materials, which is hosted by Mark Ifraimov. Reviews about them demonstrate the need of young people in this kind of information. Many are grateful for the training. They write that they are looking forward to every meeting with the coach. In their responses, they talk about a rich training program, when time flies by unnoticed, fatigue is not noticed. In Mark's blog, on the "Reviews" page, you can read thanks for the help of people who have already lost faith that their life and destiny can change. People have experienced the effectiveness of meditation and visualization techniques in trainings that helped them find a way out of life's difficulties.

And almost every review, and there are a lot of them,ends with the recommendation to attend trainings and seminars of Mark Ifraimova, because on them all present receive many answers to questions that ask them life

An interview with Mark Iphraimov on Tatyana Dzutseva's blog shows his knowledge of female psychology, the desire to help solve family problems and the ability to approach these issues in an unconventional way.

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The women's issue in the work of Mark Ifraimov

At all trainings and seminars, meetings online at Mark many women. And this encourages him to constantly maintain the level of competence in women's issues.

An interesting point of view in relation to the weakSemi expressed in his next words Mark Ifraimov: "A woman is created to whirl: either in a dance of prosperity, or in a funnel of suffering." Proceeding from this, he tries to give more information, which will help the fairer sex more all the same to dance.

Everyone knows that every family lives a largenumber of so-called crises. According to the theory of Iphraim, each "dead end" (crisis) is a transition to a new level of development and existence. And if he is overcome, then the feelings grow stronger and brighter. How to deal with a woman in a crisis situation? He also helps to find answers to this question. To keep your femininity, not to suppress a man, to give him the opportunity to make decisions - only this, according to Mark Ifraimova, should be the position of an intelligent woman and a good wife.

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Arrangements as one of the types of psychological assistance used by Mark Ifraimov

Arrangements are a kind of psychological help,First applied by Bert Holliger. But having studied it thoroughly, Mark managed to make his own nuances. The difference lies in the fact that Mark Iphraim made the arrangement individual. This method of work has become much easier to use. Now you do not need to collect a group that will help in the work. And not everyone wants to open their soul to the whole audience.

In the case of an individual arrangement, namely inThis is innovation, communication takes place between the coach and the client. Asking the necessary questions, Mark is able to hook a hidden somewhere deeply invisible thread and pulling for it, bring his ward into a normal state, remove fears, feelings that prevent people from living, and make it full.

Trainings: an effective method of work

Mark Ifraimov considers trainings as one of theeffective methods of work. Applying them, the master gets high results, developing at the listeners the abilities necessary for achievement of success both in private life, and in a trade.

Having passed the training "The Birth of the King and Queen -finding your own Power! ", listeners begin to feel like a king. Disappearing self-doubt, co-dependence, which appeared in early childhood and interferes with normal life.

Very popular and effective trainings "Codelife "," Rejuvenation. Losing weight. Exemption from self-sabotage, "" Femininity through the eyes of men. " Irresistible man's charisma through the eyes of women. " They contribute to the psychological rebirth of a person, turn him into a leader, help correctly set goals and achieve them, contribute to the development of intuition.

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Articles - the opportunity to convey your point of view

Deliver to people the results of their research -one of the main aspirations that Mark Iphraim has. The articles of the trainer are very popular both with his students and with people who, after reading one by chance, are looking for more. An interesting and unusual point of view on the surrounding reality, which Mark brings to his reader, makes us stop and think. After reading "Why do full people wear a mother?", "Developmental stages and" neurosis of codependence "or" Filled with emptiness ", you look at life in a completely different way. And the most determined, having got acquainted with the work of the coach, begin to use the proposed methods in their life and get an excellent result.

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