Psychologists say that with the help of rudenesspeople try to attract the attention of others and achieve their respect. The ruffian is sure that in this way he shows strength. But in reality this is a manifestation of human weakness. Rudeness is the worst offspring of modern society, and many people who have encountered this problem are thinking about how to respond to rudeness. Or maybe you need to be calm about what is rude to you?

How to respond to rudeness

Calm, only calm

In fact, even in difficult stress situationsyou can remain calm, although it is clear that this is not easy and is not always possible. You can benefit from an unpleasant situation, because this is a valuable experience in your life that will help in the future not react to rudeness and rudeness. You can also try to understand a person who is rude to you, perhaps he had a difficult day and his anger is not directed at you, then the resentment and anger at him will quickly pass.

How to react to rough treatment and whether it is worth doing it

To understand how to respond to rudeness and whether it is worthin general, somehow respond to this behavior, we can consider this situation. Imagine that in the woods you stumbled upon a stump, and you wanted to bang it. Further the situation will develop depending on the condition of this stump. If it is rotten, then it is likely that you want to destroy it completely, but you can break a hard tree with a stump, you probably will not want to beat it again.

On roughness

It's the same with people. If you react violently to insults, the rude will want to break you, like a rotten stump. If you do not react to rude behavior, then the offender will soon leave you alone, offend you he will be bored and uninteresting.

In which cases to respond to rudeness still need

There are situations in which you need to know,how to respond rudely. For example, if you are tired of listening to the tactless questions of your friends: "And how old are you? Why are not you married yet?". This is also a kind of rudeness, but often people who ask such questions do not realize this. How to answer in this case? It is best to answer such questions with a counter question. For example, you can say: "Why should you know the details of my personal life?" or answer directly: "You will forgive me, but I will not answer you."

How to respond to rudeness: useful advice

Psychologists recommend that in order to correctlyto react to rude behavior, to master the technique of assertive behavior. This technique assumes a calm reaction in response to malevolent attacks. You just need to pronounce out loud the shortcomings in which you are accused. This method is very effective, because your abuser is ready to prove your guilt, and in response hears: "Yes, I am guilty." After these words of yours, there will be a pause, since your accuser was preparing for completely different events.

Rudeness and rudeness

React to rudeness can be different: you can ignore the boor, try to understand it, regret it, and so on. The main thing is to understand that a rude person expects a response from you, so you should not be rude in reply.

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