Probably, many at least once visited differentreservoirs. This is really interesting, since such water bodies are among the largest. Such reservoirs are created artificially, so it is always interesting to know how they were made. A large number of them are located in Russia, and it is worth paying attention to the Voronezh reservoir. The article will discuss what it is famous for, than it differs from other water bodies, as well as its features and other interesting facts.

Reservoir Voronezh: general information

So, it is worth to learn more about thisreservoir. It is located on the territory of the Voronezh Region, on the Voronezh River. Why is this reservoir paid so much attention? The answer is quite simple: it is one of the largest in the whole world. Indeed, the size of the reservoir is simply amazing: it covers an area equal to 70 square kilometers. Often in the conversations of residents of Voronezh you can hear that they call it "the Voronezh Sea."

the Voronezh reservoir

The date of its formation - 1971-1972. The reservoir was created with the help of a dam. I wonder what was the purpose of its creation? Basically it was conceived for water supply to industrial facilities of the city. Now there is a fairly large number of problems associated with severe pollution of the reservoir. To avoid further development of this process, special works are organized aimed at its purification.

Where is the reservoir?

So, we have considered the basic information about thiswater body. Now it is worth discussing such a question as the location of the Voronezh Reservoir. As mentioned above, it is located in the Voronezh region, in the urban district of Voronezh. Of particular interest is the fact that it is completely located within the city. This explains its severe pollution.

However, the pond gives an extraordinary beauty to thisplaces. It is a pleasure to stroll in any day and enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility. From the coasts are opened wonderful landscapes to the huge water area, leaving an unforgettable impression. Many people come here to relax, and some even like to fish here. In a word, it is worth to visit the Voronezh reservoir. Photos of this reservoir can be seen in this article.

On the banks of the reservoir, in addition to Voronezh, you can find other settlements, for example, such villages as Maslivka and Tavrovo. Now they are already related to Voronezh.

depth of Voronezh reservoir

Dimensions of the reservoir

So we looked at the place whereis this pond. Of course, it is interesting to know the size of the reservoir in order to accurately represent its scale. As already mentioned, the Voronezh reservoir is recognized as one of the largest reservoirs of this type in the world. Now it is worth mentioning about its size in specific figures. Its area is, as already said, 70 square meters. km. The volume of the reservoir is about 204 million cubic meters. If we talk about its extent, we can say that its length is about 30 km, width - on average 2 km. Many are interested in the depth of the Voronezh reservoir. It strongly depends on the place. The greatest depth that is recorded here is 16.8 m, the average depth is about 2.9 m. In summary, it can be noted that the depth varies greatly in different parts of the reservoir, and sometimes very deep places occur.

the history of the Voronezh reservoir

What was on this site before the creation of the reservoir?

So, it was told about the size of the reservoir andits location. Now we should pay attention to the history of the place where it is located. Earlier, on the place where the Voronezh reservoir is now located, the Voronezh River flowed. During the reign of Peter the Great, a large-scale production of ships began on its shores. In this regard, a huge amount of forest on the banks of the river was cut down. In turn, this affected the state of the river, it is noticeably dry and shallow. Then they decided to save the river from complete drying out, and it was decided to build here special lock systems, which became the first in the world. Due to this the river became again full-flowing and suitable for navigation.

For greater safety at the confluencean artery was erected a wooden dam and sluice. Of particular interest is the fact that the dam lasted a very long time, until 1931. Despite such a long existence, it fell into decay long before it was removed. The area around it became a real marsh.

The reasons for the creation of the reservoir

In addition to the decaying dam at that timethere were several more prerequisites for the creation of a reservoir in this place. In the 30s of the XX century, Voronezh began to develop actively, many industrial enterprises opened in the city. In this regard, water consumption in the city has increased significantly. To solve this problem, two variants were proposed. One of them envisaged flooding, and the other - draining. After long discussions, the first option was chosen. It was decided to create a reservoir 10 km from the city. However, the war that began at that time prevented these plans. Voronezh was badly damaged, it took about 15 years to restore it. Despite this, in 1967 the authorities returned to the idea of ​​building a reservoir.

Voronezh Reservoir Photo

Voronezh Reservoir: history of creation and further improvement

Thus, the construction was started in 1967year. The work on creating the reservoir was conducted in record time. Initially, for its creation in the project stood out for 15 years. However, as a result, the construction was carried out for 3 years. This caused a number of shortcomings that seriously affected the future life of the reservoir. Firstly, because of the rush, the bottom of the reservoir did not have time to prepare properly, because of what its average depth is only 2 to 3 meters. Secondly, enterprises did not provide for special facilities for water treatment.

In 1972, the reservoir began to fill. It lasted 4 days, after that a complex of facilities, sharpened here, fully entered into work. In the summer of 1972, the water here was already at the same level as now. It is interesting that from that time the reservoir was actively used for catching fish, by the 1990s, about 10 tons of fish were caught here.

Voronezh reservoir history of creation

Also the improvement was organizedembankments of the reservoir in 1975. On one of its shores, parks were organized. So, the history of the Voronezh reservoir was examined in detail. Now it is worth to tell about who lives in this pond.

Who lives in the reservoir?

Of course, it will be interesting to find out whichanimals live in the Voronezh reservoir. In fact, the inhabitants here are incredibly many. In the spring and early summer, mosquitoes are actively breeding here. Some shallow sites become an excellent place for this.

In the pond is a large number of fish. Most often here you can find bream, roach, pike perch, perch. Also here were the vendace, the white cupid, the silver carp and other fish that came here as a result of migration from other bodies of water. On the reservoir you can often meet fishermen.

Modern problems of the reservoir

Unfortunately, recently this pondfaced a number of problems. They are mainly of an ecological nature. This is due to the fact that during the rapid construction of the reservoir no special treatment facilities were provided for local enterprises.

location of the Voronezh reservoir

Recently, the authorities have paid considerable attention to the water body and are carrying out various measures aimed at maintaining a stable ecological situation in it.

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