Brownie - the so-called this species of sharksseafarers of different countries and eras, and in English they are called a goblin shark - because this creature really catches up fear and looks like a goblin. Today, this species is most often found in the Australian and Japanese waters.

The oceans occupy two-thirds of the land area. This whole area is a kingdom in which a terrible, weakly vulnerable, cruel and merciless group rules - a shark, including a goblin shark. The exact number of shark species has not yet been established. Scientists described only three hundred and fifty, but this is not the limit. It is assumed that they exist for three hundred and fifty million years on earth.

Shark goblin
The mouth of this most ancient inhabitant of the world oceanduring hunting can be advanced, forming a huge funnel. Outwardly it resembles a beak of a parrot, over which a long and unusually sensitive horn or nose hangs. The role of this nose is very great, because this creature lives in great dark depths, where the sense of smell is much more important than sight. With the help of this big nose in pitch darkness, at the bottom of the ocean, he finds himself eating a goblin shark. The photo shows well the strong mouth and nose of this amazing inhabitant of the ocean depths. The average size of adults is four meters in length. Dorsal fins are not too long, but the tail is endowed with a very long and movable fin.

 Shark goblin photo
Only the laziest goblin shark can sailto people's habitats to feed and have fun, that's why people know little about them, but their images are found on the ornaments of Egyptian temples, and descriptions - in the works of the philosophers of Ancient Greece. Rumors and legends about shark-brownies actively spread between all European ports and Oceania. They are written by writers and poets of different eras. But people who lived earlier on the shores of the Pacific considered them an inviolable deity. They declared war on those who allowed themselves to hunt for this amazing animal, and the captured enemies were sacrificed to sharks-house.

Group shark
There is a case when a captured goblin sharkwas gutted, but having managed to get it, she took a bite of one of the fishermen. She scraped all the meat off the foot of the naval officer, almost dead shark, long drying on the deck of the ship, when he kicked her with contempt. One shark boat was caught by a shark-house. The sailors demolished her and, with contempt for her ugly appearance, were thrown into the sea. Her guts they threaded on the hook to bait other fish and thrown into the water. Imagine their surprise when they pulled out the same gutted fish again for this bait.

In food, the shark-goblin is not fastidious. She eats everything. For example, among the items extracted from the stomachs of trapped brownies, there were not only bags filled with gold and even a safe with jewels, but also an arsenal of grenades and dynamite. There is a case when a roll of roofing sheet and nails, packed in a wooden box, have been removed from the shark's stomach, and all sorts of things like ladies' and men's hats, coats and dresses can not be counted. The horns of large horned animals: deer and cows were taken from the shark's womb.

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