The public is always interested in women whofor many years they live with very wealthy men. One of these ladies is Irina Agalarova, biography, date of birth, details of her personal life constantly attract the attention of journalists and the general public. Let's talk about some details of her life's path and her worldview.

irina agararova biography nationality

The beginning of the way

Most ladies, especially those who steppeda certain age limit, try not to advertise their age. No exception, and Irina Agalarova, whose birth date is classified as classified information. However, simple arithmetic operations make it possible to determine the approximate time of its appearance, this is 1955-1956. A girl was born in a family of mountain Jews named Gril, in the Azerbaijani city of Baku. Irina Agalarova, whose nationality was never her reason for reflection, grew up in an international environment and closest in her life to Azerbaijani traditions.

irina agalarova biography


Back in school Irina Agalarova (photo attached)met with classmate Araz Agalarov and between them a strong mutual sympathy arose. After school, each of the young people went their own way. Irina entered the Pedagogical Institute, Araz - in the Polytechnic. However, this did not destroy their feelings for each other. And in the last year of high school lovers got married. And now almost 40 years Agalarovs happily live in marriage.

In this, of course, great merit of thiswomen - Irina Agalarova. She says that the secret of the family's longevity is "sincerity of feelings and a little mind," she believes that one should not conflict on any occasion, but one should always strive for compromise and harmony. Irina spent her whole life putting her family first, although she can not sit around.

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Agalarova's husband today is a big entrepreneur,owner of Crocus Group. He began his career at a research institute, then worked in the city party committee. In 1983, he was sent to Moscow, and Irina, without hesitation, went with her little son to her husband. With the beginning of perestroika, Irina's husband began to engage in business - he sold souvenirs in the USA. In 1989, together with his father-in-law, he created the company Crocus Group, and later the family decided to move to a permanent residence in America.

In the early 2000s, her husband's business required himpermanent presence in Russia, and the period begins when the family lives in two countries. Irina alternates stay in the US with life in Russia. She says that separation only strengthened them with her husband's feelings for each other. Although admits that it was very difficult. She missed her husband, was jealous of him, but she could not part with the children for a long time either. When the children grew up, Irina again packs things and moves to Moscow to her husband.

Irina says that her husband is democratic and subtlefeeling person. He always listened to her wishes, did not pressure her. As an example, she gives a story about how she dreamed of owning a house by the sea, where she could rest with her young son. And Agalarov built such a house, although the means then were not excessive for the family.

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Irina Agalarova, biography, nationalitywhich the public is so interested in, always considered their family Azerbaijani. In the traditions of this culture, children are the most important thing in the family. Therefore, Irina's main business always considered the education of children. Agalarovs had two children: Emin in 1979 and Sheila in 1987. Children in the family tried to give all the best, but they did not indulge in them, but seriously brought up. When the Agalarovs realized that it was difficult to find a good education for their son in perestroika Moscow, they sent him to Switzerland. And after moving to the United States was sent to an American school. Since 2001, Emin has been working in a family business. Since 2006 she has been engaged in singing career. Irina notes that her son has always been musical, so it's no surprise that he began to practice vocal.

Sheila's daughter studied at the American Fashion School anddesign. And Irina lived in two countries. She lived in constant flights, because she needed both her husband in Moscow and her daughter in the United States. When Sheila grew up, Irina moved to Moscow.

Irina Agalarova - a beautiful mother, she is friends withtheir children, is well aware of their problems and difficulties, always supports them in any situation. Emin Agalarov always talks very gently and anxiously about his mother.

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Each woman experiences three main roles: wife, mother and grandmother. They say that the third role is the most conscious and deep, and the confirmation of that is Irina Agalarova. Biography, nationality, income - all this does not play any role when we talk about grandmothers. Irina passionately loves her two grandchildren, Ali and Mikail. They were born in the first marriage of her son Emin with the daughter of Azerbaijani President Leila. This marriage has already disintegrated, but Irina continues to communicate with her grandchildren. She also considers Emin's adopted daughter, Leila's daughter, Amina to be her own granddaughter. Emin Agalarov, despite the great employment, spends a lot of time with his children and they often visit their grandmother.

irina agalarova biography date of birth


Modern women often do not represent theirlife is completely idle, so is Irina Agalarova. Biography, nationality, family of a woman are often subjected to study, but very few people know that she is also a working lady. At the beginning of her family life, Irina did not consider it a necessity to stay at home, and went to work in a school where she taught English. Later in Moscow, she became an interpreter in the Ministry of Consumer Services. Only when the second child appeared in the family, she became a housewife for a while. But later she decided to go into business. Together with her friend she opened a beauty salon in the US, and then two more beauty salons "Olivia" in Moscow. But with the American business, she soon parted. In 2015, Agalarova decided to try herself in the trade and opened a fur store, where she will sell exclusive fur coats.

irina agalarova biography date of birth


Wife of a wealthy entrepreneur IrinaAgalarova, a biography whose nationality is always considered through the prism of her husband's success and fame, always says that her main business is the family. In addition, she spends quite a lot of time doing sports. She is fond of tennis, swimming. Unlike many women, she does not like shopping, although she knows how to appreciate beautiful things and always follows fashion trends, choosing her clothes. Despite the fact that Irina often has to make large flights, she does not like traveling. As well as her husband, she is a housewife. For her there is nothing better than a family evening, when her husband and children are near. All her dreams are always connected with children, she wants their life to be no worse than hers.

Life principles

Irina Agalarova, whose nationality isassumes a special wisdom, says that her main slogan is: "No one can change, but one can become better by everyone." She believes that every person should constantly work on themselves, expand their horizons. In this, by the way, she also sees a pledge that the husband will not lose interest in his wife.

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