A huge number of tourists are attracted by Krasnoesea. Fish in the water area, however, in most cases represent a certain danger. Underwater world is represented not only by attractive coral reefs.

Red Sea, fish
According to the data, several species of sharks live in the Red Sea.

The gray reef shark lives near rocks and reefs. An animal shows interest in a person.

The shark is long-winged. The adult can be up to four meters in length. As a rule, it does not swim close to the shore. However, there is always a danger.

Tiger shark can reach four and a half meters. The length of a silk shark is smaller by a meter. It is very aggressive and very dangerous for people.

It is quite aggressive and hammerhead is a dangerous sea predator.

In the Red Sea lives and a small leopard shark. Its length is about a meter. There is information about the attack of this species on humans. A dangerous predator is also a powerful predator - a sand shark.

At the depths lives a slit-eyed shark. This predator is also a danger to humans.

Fish of the Red Sea are represented by species,living in shallow water. So, the danger is represented by stingrays. On their tail there is a poisonous spike. In shallow water, and electric rays also live.

Poisonous fish of the Red Sea
There are also such fish of the Red Sea, which are found everywhere in the water area.

So, for example, barracudas can attack a person, taking for the extraction of his limbs.

Dangerous to people and such fish of the Red Sea, as moray eels. They look like snakes. Their strong body can reach three meters in length.

A lot of spines present on the dorsal fin of fish-stone (these are the poisonous fish of the Red Sea).

This species lives in the coastal zone and is maskedin the sand, so it can become a real threat to vacationers who can step on them. Also camouflaged and fish-crocodiles. Their habitat is coral.

Bright colors have fish surgeons. Their caudal fins have sharp spines pressed to the body. In case of danger, the fins open. These fish of the Red Sea live in coral reefs.

Fish of the Red Sea

Also in the coastal areas can be foundsea ​​urchins. Many of them have poisonous glands. Fish-hedgehogs number about six or eight genera. These individuals are common in many tropical seas. The length of these fish is about sixty centimeters. In case of danger, the body takes the form of a ball covered with spines. Inner and skin are poisonous.

Lionfish are very beautiful fish of the Red Sea. Their large pectoral fins look very much like wings. The color of fishes resembles a brindle - the body is covered with red and white stripes. The lionfish in the needles of fins contain poison, deadly to humans.

A very sinister balistoid is a very big danger for people. With any encroachment on the territory they inhabit, the Balistoids begin to attack.

The very bright and beautiful shell of the snail-cone has a spike with a very dangerous substance. When a poison enters the human body, paralysis of the organs of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems occurs.

While on vacation on the Red Sea, you must follow security measures.

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