Maria Andreeva is a talented actresshis popularity with the film "Duhless", in which she perfectly played the girlfriend of the main character Julia. To her 29 years, the charming Muscovite managed to take part in filming more than 20 films and serials, trying to choose roles that are not similar to each other. What is known about the offscreen life of the star, which of its heroines are most memorable to the audience?

Maria Andreeva: biography of the star

The birthplace of the actress is the Ukrainian cityKirovograd, where she was born in July 1986. However, Maria Andreeva sincerely considers herself a Muscovite, since it was in the capital that her childhood passed. The world of art attracted the girl practically from the first years of her life, she liked to visit with her parents performances, go to the movies. While still a schoolgirl, she perfectly mastered the English language, as she studied at school with the appropriate bias.

Mariya Andreeva

In adolescence Maria Andreeva was notI am sure that she will become an actress. At this time, the girl was seriously addicted to psychology, trying to get rid of self-doubt, which appeared after the transfer to a new school. Trying to help her daughter, her mother found her a wonderful psychologist. It was this woman who convinced the actress to follow her dream. Thanks to her support, Andreeva decided to submit documents to the "Chip" and from the first attempt she became a student of this famous school.

Starring role

In the movie, Maria Andreeva was removed from 2007,the first role was received, while still a student of "Sliver". Then her heroine was the self-sacrificing young lady Anastasia, ready to part with her beloved person for the sake of his happiness after finding an incurable disease. However, the popularity of Mary did not give this role.

maria andreeva actress

A star hour for the beginning actress waspainting "Duhless", in which she was offered to embody the image of the main character of Julia. Andreeva got an interesting character - a girl-student, fighting for justice by revolutionary methods. The life of Julia turns around when she has her complete opposite in her - a charming banker, interested only in material goods and indifferent to other people's problems. Will the girl "save" her beloved, or will she become the same as he? The answer to this question will get the audience by watching "Duhless".

Best movies and TV shows

Maria Andreeva is an actress, known to viewers andthanks to the fascinating series "Legacy", presented to the public in 2008. In this television project, the girl acts as the naive young lady Rita, who is one of the heirs of the colossal state, forced to fight for him.

maria andreeva personal life

A positive role, Maria played in the picture"Perestroika", which was published in 2009. Her heroine, Elena falls into a maelstrom of events, very common in the ruthless 90s. Also worthy of attention is the fantastic drama "Book of Masters", in the filming of which she took part in the same year. Her character - a friendly girl Katya, who possesses witchcraft skills. In addition to Andreeva's heroine, the picture allows viewers to meet with such famous characters as Baba-Yaga, Mermaid.

Maria Andreeva is an actress who can also besee in the sensational film "Cliff", which became a screen version of the work of Goncharov. In this tape, which was released in 2011, the girl embodied the image of a Russian young lady Marfenka. A very different role went to the young movie star in the series "Fighters", which tells about the life of the heroes of the Second World War. Her heroine is the fearless Lieutenant Elena.

Voice-over life

Of course, the fans of the actress are interested in whoit is found whether the marriage is married and whether Maria Andreeva has children. Personal life, unfortunately, carefully hides the star from prying eyes, the girl does not like to discuss her novels with journalists. During the filming of the actress in the film "Duhless" there were rumors of her novel with her colleague on the set, Danila Kozlovsky. However, Maria and Kozlovsky themselves deny the fact of a love affair between them, assuring them that they are not connected by other relationships than friendly ones.

maria andreeva movies

Despite the fact that the personal life of actress MariaAndreeva is covered in dark secrets, it is known that she has never been married, has no children. She likes to spend free time traveling, she has a lot of various hobbies, among which music and drawing occupy a special place.

What other projects deserve attention, in the filming of which Maria Andreeva took part? Films published last year: "Translator", "Warrior".

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