In the oceans there are many marine animals. And none of them is the source of such hatred, disgust and irrational fear, like a shark. This train continuously accompanies it, apparently, from the very time when a person decided on the first in history sailing on the trunk of a fallen tree from one island to another. The whole history of seafaring and exploring the seas and oceans is dotted with bloody encounters of the king of nature and the indomitable predator.

The most dangerous shark in the world isThe living machine of death, which natural evolution polished and perfected for millions of years. The law of evolution was harsh, but it was unbeatable: if you do not have time to eat prey, someone else will eat it. Or someone will eat you. And so incredibly subtle flair, speedy streamlined body and mouth, resembling a guillotine, made the shark almost invincible.

The most dangerous shark in the world
However, if we seriously consider the question,what is the most dangerous shark for the human race exists, the familiar notions of underwater beasts can seriously be shaken. What to choose a criterion of danger? Certainly not the size: a 15-meter whale shark peacefully sets toothless jaws plankton and good-naturedly allows divers to ride on her back.

The frequency of attacks? It seems to be the right way, and here in the undisputed leaders a white shark, in whose bloodthirstiness there is no doubt. But is it worth it to immediately label her with an ogre label? Wildly read about this, but ichthyologists say: the white shark bites its victim ... for research purposes! And in the case of a man floats away, disappointed. Compared to any marine pinniped, this fatty bag, people have a too large skeleton. A man, however, can also kill such a "research" bite.

The most dangerous sharks for humans
In recent decades, soundsuspicions that the most dangerous shark in the world is "disguised" as a young white specimen, to whom her bloody "feats" are attributed. This is a gray bull shark. Here comes a rational criterion for assessing the danger - aggressiveness. And in the case of the gray bull shark, even "bezbashennost." In her blood, an increased content of testosterone, which explains its aggressive behavior. In a fit of frenzied rage, she literally pounces on everything that moves and is on her territory. Even if it would cause her fatal injuries, like the blades of a ship's propeller. Considering that this species is able to live for some time in fresh water, the possibility of meeting him with a person, and therefore the chances of obtaining the title "the most dangerous shark in the world", are significantly increasing.

What is the most dangerous shark?
Another serious criterion for assessing the danger -unprovoked attacks on humans. If we proceed from this, the most dangerous sharks for humans are universally recognized - tiger, mako and hammerhead. About the latter, however, it is believed that she confuses people with her usual diet from the inhabitants of coastal waters, but this does not make her less dangerous. Tiger sharks, sluggish in the ordinary state, are absolutely uncontrollable in their search for food. It's probably easier to list what did not fall into their mouth. Once a tiger shark swallowed ... a deep bomb. True, it was her last meal: the fuse worked. As for the mako, there is only one fact, documented. This shark was the only one among its relatives jumped on land and tried to bite the man who wounded her!

The most dangerous shark in the world is also grayreef, long-winged oceanic, lemon, blue ... But this does not mean that all of them, without exception, are the deserts of hell. We do not consider these elephants as such, and in fact they kill twice as many annually as sea predators. The shark today is known for more than four hundred species, and an ogre can only be glued to a dozen of them. On the other hand, often even near deadly beasts, diving swims. And this once again shows how little we know about the worlds of the hydrocosmos ...

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