Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna is a professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, she also deals with dermatovenereology.

In 2003, she defended her thesisexamined the study of papillomavirus infection in the lower genitalia. In his work, the professor showed the frequency of occurrence of the disease in the modern world, modern directions of diagnostic measures and therapeutic tactics.

Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna

Why is knowledge about the human papillomavirus so relevant today?

There are several types of this virus. The most common infection is HPV type sixteen. The danger is that when introduced into the body the virus is able to induce a change in the structure of the cells (dysplasia). Dysplasia is a precancerous condition.

How can you get infected with human papillomavirus?

Infection with this virus occurs whenunprotected sex (anal or vaginal). For a long time the virus does not manifest itself in any way, therefore the woman lays off the trip to the doctor for a long time. Unfortunately, many patients, because of their ignorance of cancer, seek specialized care already in neglected cases.

Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna gynecologist

Gynecologist Svetlana Ivanovna Rogovskaya in her dissertation describes the features of the virus, the clinic, diagnostic activities. Also, special attention is paid to the tactics of patient management.

Professor Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovnaoptimized for practical activities the international classification of HPV. The clinical classification is based on clinical and morphological criteria, which greatly facilitates the work of physicians.

Features of tactics of examination and treatment of patients

Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna proved the importance of researching the immune system with subsequent evaluation of its changes.

To clarify the degree, shape of the lesion and the method of treatment, the professor suggested using a set of diagnostic measures:

  • colposcopy (examination of the cervix under an increase of several dozen times);
  • Pap test (cytology);
  • PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna provided information on the changes occurring in the epithelium of the genitals in the dynamics of observation. Also developed criteria for an individual approach to each patient.

What was suggested for practicing doctors?

Svetlana Ivanovna Rogovskaya suggested takingthe basis of therapeutic tactics is to exert influence on local immunity with the help of drugs. Immunomodulators are medicines that can influence the immunity system.

Also in her work is Rogovskaya SI. suggested the use of modern methods, which are directed to local destruction (removal) of the affected epithelium. Removing only the altered layer of cells allows you to save the organ, in the future a woman can become pregnant and give birth to a child. Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna was able to show in her work that a precancerous condition is not a verdict.

professor Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna

Rogovskaya Svetlana Ivanovna in her thesissaid that the cervix of the uterus (malignant disease) is most often subjected to malignancy. Also, the relationship between the state of the immune system and the progression of dysplastic changes in cells was made. The professor developed an algorithm for individual approach to patients, proved the importance of promoting barrier method of contraception.

Svetlana Ivanovna Rogovskaya is the author of educationalmanuals on practical colposcopy, as well as studies on the study of papillomavirus infection in women and cervical pathology. The material for acquaintance is offered for students of higher educational institutions and practicing specialists.

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