When you wait for a child, it immediately appearsa lot of questions: where to buy a crib, what wheelchair to prefer, how to name a child? And then suddenly comes the understanding of how many names exist in the world, and how difficult it is to choose any of them. After all, every daddy and every mom wants to give the kid a special, euphonious and unusual name, which also has a good value.

Ryan's meaning of a name

Today we will pay attention to women's names, and ifbe precise, we will know what the name of Ryan means. It should be borne in mind that it goes back to several sources and can have Muslim, Celtic (English), Arab roots. Therefore, depending on the considered variant of origin, Ryan, the meaning of the name, as well as its history, changes.

According to Anglo-Saxon sources, historyThis name originates from the longer "Rhiannon", which later fell to a simpler and laconic "Rian". The meaning of the name has several variations: "the great queen", "the divine queen", "the sacred queen". These decodings, in principle, have the same meaning, but different shades. So, the great queen should be respectful, the divine quivering, and the sacred love.

Riana name

Given that the "Rhiannon" came from the word"Riani" is a "queen" and reinforcing the particles "he", which has several interpretations already cited above, one can conclude that when people discard "he" and leave "Ryan", the meaning of the name becomes obvious and gets rid of uncertainty . "Queen", this is how the Celts would describe the girl bearing this name.

According to Arabic sources, "Riana" is the nameseasoning, which in Russian can be translated as a sweet basil. This was the name of one of Muhammad's concubines, and the name implied the grass itself, but, quite possibly, it was on this soil that the Muslim "Riana" was born, whose meaning is interpreted as "pleasure," "pleasure," "bliss."

Name Riana
There is also a second version of the translation fromArabic, and, of course, most of the owners of this name will prefer his basilica. "Soul from God," that's how you can interpret Ryan. The meaning of the name, if we talk about translations from different languages, can vary greatly and present surprises, because consonant words are in many Turkic languages. So, for example, if you translate this name from the Kazakh language, (although there it sounds more like "Rayhan"), then we get the meaning "ruddy, red-cheeked".

So, if we generalize the meaning of this name from allabove, we will get the following result. Riana bears in itself all the sweetness of the East, charming and enchanting, but at the same time powerful and powerful. About these girls they say "honey of my soul" and "delight of my eyes", while they dance with daggers, dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

In general, Riana is a name well suited toa girl who has Eastern or Muslim roots. But this does not mean that the burning blonde Aryan appearance it will not be to face. A rare, unusual, caressing rumor, moreover, having an excellent value - the name of Ryan will be happily worn by any representative of the fair sex.

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