Wars never ceased and it is unlikelywill cease in the near future. There is always an armed conflict at some point of the world, and today is no exception. At the moment, around 40 points are recorded in the world, where wars of varying degrees of intensity are currently taking place. For what and where exactly does humanity fight?

Armed conflict in eastern Ukraine

armed conflict in the east of Ukraine

The closest point to Russia, where the militaryaction, is Ukraine. Despite the ceasefire, the war is even today, however, its intensity has significantly decreased compared to 2014-2015. Ukrainian regular troops and the militia take part in the conflict. Since the beginning of the conflict and to this day, 10 thousand people died.

The war began in the spring of 2014, whendissatisfied with the new Kiev authorities, activists proclaimed the creation of new people's republics. Attempts by the Ukrainian side to suppress resistance by force led to a war that has dragged on to this day.

Armed conflict in the east of Ukraine does not come offFrom the agenda, many countries, including Russia, France, Germany, Belarus (on its territory there are negotiations between the parties) take measures to resolve it. And although Kiev accuses Russia of providing assistance to Donetsk and Lugansk, Moscow rejects all accusations.

Now the stage of the conflict is close to a state of weak intensity, but there are still shelling on the contact line, people are dying on both sides.


The next place where the war is now isin Armenia. The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which began in 1990, led to the creation of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic today. Of course, large-scale military actions in this region have long ceased, but in April 2016 there was a surge of military activity, which killed 33 people. However, local skirmishes between Armenians and Azerbaijanis continue to this day.

And although Russia is trying to reconcile both sides,the situation in this region remains grave. In Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, anti-terrorist operations are often conducted, and intelligence agencies permanently liquidate terrorist cells.

War in Syria

war ongoing

Perhaps, this is one of the largest wars of the XXI century,which began in 2011 and continues to this day. The so-called "Arab Spring" that started so has shocked many regions, and now there are hot spots in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq and even Turkey.

In Syria, from March 2011 to this day, according to various sources, 330-500 thousand people died. Now there are three warring parties:

  1. Syrian army of the official government.
  2. The so-called armed opposition, which opposes the current authorities Bashar Assad.
  3. Terrorist formations.

If with the state army and terrorists allit is more or less clear, then with people's opposition there is confusion. It is believed that the camp of the Syrian opposition includes a coalition of different countries (England, USA, Canada, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.). Most of the countries that represent the coalition enter it only on paper and do not take any military or humanitarian action to help either the military or the victims of the conflict.

Also in the war in Syria are taking part Kurds,intent on creating on the Syrian soil their state - Kurdistan. Not long ago, Turkey crossed the Syrian border allegedly to fight terrorists, although many experts argue that the main task of the Turkish military forces is to prevent the creation of Kurdistan.

where now there are wars

With all this there is a second alliance that is fighting against terrorist groups and is trying to maintain the current authority of the official government: Syria, Russia, Iraq, Lebanon.

The terrorists themselves call their formations"Islamic state", "Front-en-Nusra" and so on. Many of the terrorist groups are trying to write themselves into the opposition, so not every expert, let alone an ordinary person who is far from these events, can understand this "anthill".


Since the beginning of 2003, the warnow in Iraq, claimed about one million lives. After the invasion of the United States in this region, a civil war broke out and a rebellion against the new government (after Saddam Hussein's death). Now, against the same group that operates in Syria, there is also a war in Iraq. Against it, the United States, the Kurds, and also the local tribes are fighting.


war xxi century

The war in Yemen has been going on since the beginning of 2011 and to thisday. About 10 thousand people are believed to be dead. It all began with the fact that after the election of President Abd Rabbo Mansoor against him, an uprising started, which led to a civil war between the government and the rebels. Saudi Arabia, the UAE are considered to be involved in this war and support the official president, assisting ground military operations and air strikes.

The UN declared a humanitarian catastrophe in the country, as the city reigns in the region, diseases develop and fighting continues.

Other hot spots

Perhaps, these are the hottest points where wars are now going on. But there are others:

  1. Southeast of Turkey. There the military workers' party of Kurdistan are fighting with the official government for the creation of autonomy within Turkey.
  2. Israel. In the west of the country, the state army is trying to prevent the formation of Palestine.
  3. Lebanon. Here, the conflict between Sunni and Shiite formations is of low intensity, but from time to time terrorist attacks occur in the country.

There are still points in the world where wars are now going on, but their scale is small. The article described the most hot and intense theaters of military operations.

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