Unpublished secrets of the water element long agoexcited the imagination of man. Remaining practically unexplored, these depths generated stories and legends about their inhabitants, sometimes describing them in the most fantastic way. But even opening the veil of these secrets, people do not cease to be amazed, watching how beautiful and at the same time the most dangerous fish in the world are terrible.

"White death"

the most dangerous fish in the world
It was this nickname that securedThe population of Australia is a large white shark. In this part of the world, the greatest number of attacks of these predators on humans was recorded. A lot of films, the main characters of which were sharks of this species, for a long time consolidated their title "the most dangerous fish in the world." Of the dozen species considered dangerous to humans, a large white takes, perhaps, the most prominent place. At its impressive size (about 7 meters in length and weighing up to 3 tons), the white shark is surprisingly maneuverable, it can sneak up almost imperceptibly. Plus, it lives in all oceans, except the Arctic.

River Rippers

the most dangerous fish
Of course, fresh waters also have their heroes. The piranhas that have chosen the ponds of South America, according to many researchers, are the most dangerous fish that occurs outside the seas and oceans. And in the case with her the film industry has also contributed a lot to the formation of this image. However, watching as a flock of piranhas, in a matter of minutes, leaves only a bare skeleton from the victim who got to them, you understand: in the waters of rivers they are the most dangerous fish. In the world there are no other species comparable to them, especially considering the degree of gluttony and size: these super-predators reach a length of only 30 cm.

The African "thing"

dangerous world fish

If the author of children's poems about sharks, gorillasand the big crocodiles knew about the existence of a monster living in the waters of the Congo River, he would no doubt have included this creature on his list. Large tiger fish, also called "Goliath", is similar to other aquatic inhabitants, only if you do not look closely at her head. And especially to the teeth. Many dangerous fish of the world in comparison with her look absolutely harmless. Being similar in appearance to something between perch and crucian, differing only in size (up to 1.8 m in length and weighing up to 52 kg), Goliath is equipped with 32 huge canines, far from the description of everything that can be called fish teeth. In addition to being potentially dangerous to humans, there have been recorded cases of attacks of tiger fish even on crocodiles!

Toxic Stone

The most dangerous fish in the world is, among other things,and the most poisonous. And there are many such species. But the palm of superiority among them reliably holds the wart, or the fish-stone. This brownish brownish creature really is like a stone with a lot of sharp protrusions, lying on the bottom of the sea. The warthawk is beautifully camouflaged among stones and algae, and it is rather difficult to notice it. It is worthwhile to step on this fish or at least just touch it, as the fins on the fins pierce the body, releasing a deadly poison. In very many cases, it comes to a lethal outcome, often a person remains an invalid for life.

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