Norm - this, if you do not go into the highly specializedterminology, a rule, which most people take as a basis. The very concept can be used very widely - there are norms of energy consumption, language, social, labor standards and many others.

In this article we will dwell in more detail onmoral and behavioral models that, to a greater extent than anything else, reflect the level of social development of society. Moral norms are a set of all relationships that arise in the process of communication of individual individuals. This concept reflects all the requirements of society to each individual person.

The norm is
Do not assume that the norm is the limitperfection of the model of human relations. On the contrary, this is the average value by which it is possible to determine acceptable or unacceptable factors, although they are generally accepted, but still fall short of the ideal. At the same time, a person may well abandon moral norms, observance of which is not provided for by local legislation (for example, walking topless in some countries will not entail even a fine, while in others for the same violation one can get a very real prison term, in addition, the violator can beat up by the citizens themselves).

It is quite another matter - peremptory norms. This concept is clearly spelled out in the laws of any country. Imperative - this is a special categorical position, which extends to the international community, for which violation of liability.

Moral norms

Norm is not a static concept thatworked out and determined once and for all. Moral norms are flexible and constantly change with the society. For example, some 200 years ago a divorce in our country was considered an immoral phenomenon caused by the moral disintegration of society, and the product of Leo Tolstoy "Anna Karenina" was rated by most educated people as a vulgar novel. Now no one is surprised by 1-2-3 divorce proceedings on the shoulders of one person, and "Anna Karenina" became a masterpiece of world literature.

Imperative norms

Nowadays the norm is more diffuse anda vague concept that can not but cause grief. Libertinism began to be called sexual freedom, wealth - a synonym for success, the destruction of old traditions - reform, low-selling texts sold - literature. And poverty has become associated with stupidity, shame and conscience - with idiocy. And while it is extremely difficult to determine what it is - an eternal, but quite natural conflict of the old and new generation or a more disturbing trend.

In general, according to surveys of respondents, theystill quite high moral and moral indicators, but they also believe that such concepts as friendship, mutual assistance and loyalty have become much weaker. A whole layer of the population, mostly young people under 24 years of age, expressed the opinion that social and moral norms are considerably outdated.

I want to believe that the existing confrontationwill soon be over, and mankind will work out new norms - more free than 50-100 years ago, but still incorporating the basic universal principles based on reasonable satisfaction of their own needs and concern for the well-being of the society.

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