And you know where Svetlana was born and studiedMasterkova? How did she build her sports career? Does it consist in a legal marriage? If not, we recommend that you study the content of the article. In it you will find the answers to all the questions above.

Svetlana masterkova

Biography: childhood and adolescence

Masterkova Svetlana Alexandrovna was born on January 17, 1968 in the city of Achinsk, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The father and mother of our heroine had no relation to the sport.

Sveta was a fairly large child. Children in the yard often released unpleasant jokes in her address. Parents decided to help their daughter get rid of excess weight. They recorded the girl in the athletics section. At first, she tried to stay away from school, but at some point her interest to this sport arose.

Coach Anatoly Volkov saw in the big lightpotential. He invited the girl to her section. Our heroine could not miss such a chance. A week later, Svetlana Masterkova began to strengthen training. Every day the results turned out better.

The Conquest of Moscow

Sveta stood out against the background of herpeers attending the athletics section. The coach understood that for the further development of her sports career she had to go to Moscow. Parents bought a daughter a ticket and sent her to the Russian capital.


The first steps in sports Svetlana Masterkova did inas a runner at a distance of 800 m. In 1991, the girl won the USSR championship. As a prize, she got a ticket to the competition in Tokyo. The coaches were confident that there she would show an excellent result. But in the tournament held in the Japanese capital, Sveta took only 8th place.

In the period from 1992 to 1993, the girl was injured for trauma. However, she still managed to win several awards. About gold and speech could not be. But Masterkova won the silver of the continental championship.

In 1994, Sveta temporarily left the sport due to her marriage and pregnancy. She promised the coaches that she would return. And it happened.

Svetlana masterkova Olympic champion

Svetlana Masterkova - Olympic champion

In 1996 she again began to engage in lightathletics. She was included in the squad for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Svetlana participated in the competitions at 800 m and 1.5 km. In both races she won gold.

In 2000, Masterkova was sent to the Olympics,held in the city of Sydney (Australia). But there Svetlana failed to show worthy results. And all because of the worsening of health problems. Returning from Sydney to Moscow, she finally said goodbye to his sports career. The trainers supported her in this decision.

Personal records

Our heroine proved to bea professional in such a sport as athletics. Svetlana Masterkova is the owner of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. But that is not all. She was awarded the title of Master of Sports.

Athletics light trowel

Let's list some records of Svetlana Masterkova:

  • Running for 400 m - ran for 53.12 seconds.
  • A distance of 1.5 km was passed in 3 minutes and 56 seconds.
  • She owns a world record of running for 1 kilometer. Sveta ran this distance in 2 minutes. 55 seconds

New facets of talent

Sport is not the only sphere in whichSveta Masterkova succeeded. She is a graduate of Moscow State University. Sholokhov, as well as a candidate of historical sciences. Masterkova can communicate freely in Spanish and English.

In 2003, the producers of NTV channel suggested that she work as a sports commentator. Sveta replied with consent. I must say that it has 100% coped with the tasks assigned to it.

In the summer of 2011 Masterkova was appointed directorPalace of children's sports. However, in this position, she lasted only a couple of months. Svetlana Alexandrovna had to quit her job because of a conflict with the representatives of the Russian Rock Climbing Federation.

Masterkova Svetlana Alexandrovna

The former sportswoman was not going to sit around. She decided to go into politics. Masterkova joined the party "United Russia". And in 2012 Svetlana Alexandrovna became a deputy. But in this case we are not talking about the State Duma. The Olympic champion was admitted to the Council of Deputies of the Moscow district of Tagansky.

Svetlana Masterkova: biography, personal life

Our heroine can be called a monogamous. She dreamed of getting married once and for life. In the end, it happened. But first things first.

In her youth, Svetlana Masterkova did not twist novels withguys. In the first place she had a sport. And only at the end of 1993 the personal life of our heroine changed for the better. She met with the rider Asyat Saitov. The girl at first sight liked the tall guy with a strong torso. Her feelings were mutual.

In 1994, lovers played a wedding. Svetlana had to suspend his sports career. The newlyweds left for Spain. The fact is that Assay spoke in this country. The couple settled in a small town of Alicante. There in 1995 their common daughter was born. The baby was called Anastasia. A few years later the family returned to Moscow. Sveta again took up athletics. Her beloved husband gave her moral support.

Svetlana tskorkova biography personal life

For a long time the couple dreamed of the appearance of an heir - a son. But fate decreed in its own way. Now Asit and Svetlana are waiting for her daughter to make them their grandfather and grandmother.


Biography of Svetlana Masterkova - a vivid examplehow a talented and self-assured person achieves the set goals. Thanks to the willful character, our heroine was able to win the highest sports awards and gain worldwide fame. Let's wish her family happiness and new victories!

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