Azerbaijani names (female) take roots fromTurkic language group. Over time, various names of other nationalities were added to them, for example, from Arab, Albanian and Persian cultures. In addition, the adoption of Islam had a significant impact.

Azerbaijani names for women

When a child is born in the family, everyone wants: "Let the baby match the name!" Therefore, the choice of the name must be approached especially carefully. Azerbaijani girls are often named after the associates of the prophet, as well as other famous people. In addition, to honor respected and pious relatives, girls can be called by their names.

Azerbaijani girls' names are etymologically connected with the concepts of tenderness and kindness, beauty and refinement.

As in many other Muslim countries, beforerecently the birth of a girl in the family was not a joyful event. Consequently, the names that the newborns were given were of unsightly content. Even relatively recently, it was often possible to meet Azerbaijani women's names with the meanings "despicable", "unloved", "pretty". Modern culture has largely changed this attitude towards female children, and so the names began to appear, such as Aibeniz, Arzu, Sevda, Solmaz and others.

Without a doubt, the choice of the name completelyfalls on the shoulders of young parents. Selected Azerbaijani names (female) can reflect not only the preferences of parents, but also religious and social traditions. However, preference should still be given to a beautiful, short and euphonious name, which carries a wish for the future. Do not forget that the choice of a name directly affects the fate that is prepared for a person.

Azerbaijani girls

Below are the most common Azerbaijani women's names and their meaning:

Aida - income, profit

Aidan - the Moon

Ainur the Moon-faced

Aisha - living, living

Aysel - the moonlight

Ayla - shine, dawn, light

Aziza - precious

Alvan - colorful, bright

Amina - faithful, honest, keeper

Diamond - Beauty

Alma - apple

Anahanym - the lady

Anara - garnet

Afsana - the legend

Arzu - wish, gift

Banu - mistress, mistress

Basira is an open soul

Bayaz - snow-white, clean

Bahar - clever, beautiful

Bella - beautiful

Busat - cheerful, joyful

Walid - mother, woman

Vusal - meeting, unity

Wafa - faithful

Gumar is a flower of persimmon

Azerbaijani names of girls

Gulnar - a flower of a pomegranate

Gyulshan - cheerful, cheerful

Gunash - sunny

Deniz - rough, sea

Jamila - the beauty of the whole world

Dildir is a favorite

Jahan - the world

Durdana is the only

Dilara - pleasing to the soul and heart

Egana - unique

Zarif - gentle, affectionate

Zara - gold

Zulfiya - curly

Zahra - morning star

Zarifa - tender

Irada - will, disobedience

Ilham - muse, inspiration

Inara - elected

Kamalya - obedient, faithful

Lamia - bright, provocative

Leila - night, darkness

Masuda - happy

Mahabbat - love

Medina is a saint

Mehriban - affectionate

Mina - a thin pattern, ligature

Mukafat - the reward

Naira - fiery

Natavan - economic

Nargis - innocent and proud

Parvana - butterfly, butterfly

Pari - nymph

Ravana - smooth

Rena - soul, consciousness

Rafiga is a friend

Sabiga - perfect

Saryhatun - Golden-haired

Sima - honor

Susan - the silent

Simusar is a jewel, a treasure

Toure - Princess

Ulduz - the star

Farida is the only

Ferdy - the future

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