Many of us have often heard about the terrarium andserpentarium, that these are some rooms or containers, which contain tropical insects and amphibians. And what is their purpose? Let's figure it out. The meaning of the word "serpentarium" is associated with the Latin lexeme serpens, which means "snake".

serpentarium what is it

Where to take care of reptiles

Directories often define the serpentarium asone of the species of the terrarium. It creates optimal conditions for the life and reproduction of reptiles in order to use their "gifts" - poison and skin. So it is quite possible to say about a room or park called "serpentarium", that it is a real snake nursery. In many such establishments you can admire the reptile and even hold it in your hands.

Why do we need their poison

In Europe, the first public serpentariumappeared in 1849 on the territory of the London Zoo, which is located in Regent's Park. In 1899 in Brazil, in the city of Sao Paulo, opened a major institute that studies snakes. In its depths, a snake farm was built, supplying scientists with various poisons for research.

serpentarium what is it

Snake farms today are popular all over the world assource of priceless components for serums and drugs. One of the ways of snake milking is massaging the poisonous glands of a reptile. A new method is the extraction of poison by means of an electric current. The mucous membranes of the mouth of the reptile are affected by electrodes with a low voltage, which makes the snake instantly extract the contents of its glands.

Siberian discoveries

Russia is famous for the Large Novosibirskserpentarium. What is this herpetological center? Since the end of the last century, this most useful "poison factory" was engaged in trapping snakes and manufacturing special toxins for pharmacology. They discovered their own ways of breeding and growing useful reptiles, create medications on the basis of snake venom, are engaged in research in the field of biology, medicine and veterinary medicine. The Novosibirsk serpentarium is the only one in Russia that grows vipers and supplies poison to Nizhny Novgorod, where it is used in the production of anti-inflammatory ointment "Viprosal". And in the laboratories of the center they came up with their own recipe for vodka with a green tint and "bitterness", after which, according to its creators, there is no hangover.

the meaning of the word serpentarium

A bowl of poison and ... meat

In the Chinese village of Zisiqiao, whichcalled "The City of Snakes", for sale almost three million snakes are grown. Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire use not only their poison, they consider the meat of these reptiles to be extremely refined and tasty.

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