The meaning of Mikael's name is of interest toIts owners who want to better understand themselves. Also this information will be useful for newly mums and dads, thinking about how to name your baby. What is waiting for a fair sex representative, who received a rare and beautiful name, what impact can it have on her life?

Origin and meaning of the name Mikaela

The origin of many names that are useddemand in the modern world, causes doubts among linguists. Fortunately, this does not concern the variant described in this article, which came to us from the Hebrew language. The meaning of the name Mikael, which is still popular in many countries, is "like God." There are also other variants of translation, which are used less often. For example, "who is like God."

the meaning of the name Mikaela

Russians today are not often callednewborn daughters. Much more common is the male version - Mikael. This is one of the advantages of the name - it is very rare. However, there is a significant drawback - poor compatibility with Russian surnames and patronymics.


So, "like God" is the meaning of Mikael's name. For a girl who is so called, there is nothing more important than family. She can easily be entrusted with the care of younger brothers and sisters, communication with them gives her pleasure. Also, there is no doubt that the owner of the name will please parents with good grades. Mikaela is an independent child. She will not have to remind us to take lessons.

the importance of the name of Mikael for a girl

Interestingly, the meaning of the name Mikaeladirectly affects the character of its possessor. Almost from the first years of life the girl surprises the people around her with her modesty. Her reluctance to play with other children is often a concern for loving mothers and dads. Fortunately, with age, Mikaela begins to strive for communication. However, parents should try to help their daughter overcome excessive shyness.


Understanding the meaning of the nameMikaela, it is worth paying attention and a profession that suits its owner. The woman, who is so called, is unlikely to join the ranks of careerists. She has no desire to earn money, at any cost to climb up the career ladder. Michaela feels comfortable in any position. Its self-respect does not depend on the size of wages.

name of the name of the name day

The owner of the melodious name is suitableOccupations that involve caring for people. For example, Mikaela can become a doctor, a social worker, a volunteer. As a rule, she does not have difficulty in finding a common language with children, so she can become a teacher, teacher, nanny. It is worth considering that the representative of the fair sex, which is so called, is not suitable work associated with frequent business trips. Mikaela does not like to part with her home, her family for a long time.

Family, love

There is no doubt that the family is the main thing inlife for one that is "like God." Mikaela can easily resign from the perspective work, if someone from the sick relatives will need care. The girl who is so called positively relates to early marriages. Most often, the owner of the name is determined with the choice of the chosen one to 25 years. There is a high probability that the spouse will be significantly older.

micaela meaning of the name

Arrangement of everyday life is what one loves to doMikaela, the meaning of whose name is "like God." Her friends and acquaintances adore to look at guests, as they invariably meet the laid table and coziness. A woman who is so called, pays much attention to caring for heirs. However, she does not dissolve in her husband and children, she continues to take care of her appearance and remains true to her hobbies.

Interesting Facts

What other facts will be of interest to the girl,which was called Mikaela (the meaning of the name, name day)? Unfortunately, the name does not appear on the church list. Therefore, Michaela does not celebrate the name day. It is also known that its owners since early childhood are fond of history and literature, have a weakness for collecting. These hobbies often play a role in choosing a profession, interest in them persists throughout life. It is also easy for Mikael to learn from impeccable manners. Regardless of her origin, she acts as a representative of the upper world.

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