To call the city, the settlement in the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, it is necessary to dial 3749. What country code is it? A small state in Transcaucasia.

Armenia is an amazing and beautiful power

The state is located behind the Caucasian ridge. In Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) all buildings and houses are built of natural stone. The city seems magical and fabulous due to the presence in the finish of all shades of pink.

3749 code of which country

How to call

When traveling on a business trip or travelingaccording to another power, everyone thinks about how it is better to hear their relatives and friends on the phone. Of course, the possibilities of roaming solve almost all problems, but this service is not a cheap pleasure. That's why it's more convenient to use traditional cable telephony services for a call.

What is the country code? 3749 - division of zones (phone codes of different countries are defined by ITU-T recommendations under numbers E.123 and E.164).

For mobile callsuse the exit code for international communication, adding the company code of 2 digits and 6 digits of the mobile number. Make the operation by specifying: 3749 (which country code - we have already found out) and the numbers of the mobile provider.

The following operators are used in the country:

  • 91, 99 - this is "ArmenTel" ("Beeline");
  • 77, 93,93,98 - "Vivasel" (MTS);
  • 55, 95 - "Orange Telecom".

Make a call to Armenia usingmobile communication is not difficult. Thus, having ascertained, code 3749 - which country, and operator, the most suitable, it is possible to contact your relatives and colleagues relatively inexpensively.

3749 which country code and operator

Next, when dialing, you need to dial the numbers assigned to the desired operator.

Each company can offer a wide variety of services. Naturally, most visitors use telephone services and the Internet.

By the cost of telephone calls betweenArmenia's mobile operators do not really care. The only time - during long trips around the country, it is better to use the services of Vivasel, since it has the most extensive coverage on the territory.

Stationary phones

In order to call and talk with relatives,living in Armenia, from a landline phone, you need to dial 374 and the code of the city or town where the call is addressed for international calls. The number can include both 4 and 6 digits. It depends on the place in which the call is made.

3749 - which country code? This is Armenia, knows everyone in this amazing countryat least once. For telephone calls in Armenia, telephone companies offer 2 types of SIM cards: prepaid and postpaid. Guests and tourists often choose their option on the first option. To activate it, you need to show your passport at the operator's office.

The prices of international calls for 60 seconds range from 0.15 to 0.21 cents. You can refill the phone with a card. They are sold in supermarkets, on trays and in the offices of mobile operators.

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