Recently, the word"divergent". What is this definition of a person? The meaning of the term can be found in dictionaries. It arose long before the release of the sensational film. Used in medical literature, biology, psychology. When you hear the mention of this term, immediately there are associations with rebellious character.

Semantic definition

If we want to learn everything about the word "divergent", thatthis is a term - you can read in the dictionary sources. Internal psychological characteristics of a person are built in such a way that it is unable to fit into any of the existing systems. From the Latin divergens - "divergent" - the translation has this: "spreading in different directions."

Divergent what is it

We give the basic concepts of the word. So, divergent - what is this definition of human properties?

  • Buntic character, dangerous for the system of the state, the way of society.
  • Personality, different from others, not seeking to be reunited with any of the groups.
  • Such a person is difficult to obey someone else's will.
  • In biology - the differences of living organisms that have emerged as a result of evolution.
  • In psychology, the divergents include a person who can see a huge number of solutions for a particular task.
  • In linguistics divergent sounds are called the same letter, depending on the location in the syllable. So, "p" can be hard in the word "crab" and soft in the name of Igor.
  • In society, the divergent is a human destroyer of established principles, norms and rules of behavior.
  • Value is associated with such concepts as intellect, creativity, creativity, originality, ingenuity, foresight.

Definition in the society

It is worth thinking about whether it is beneficial forsurrounding the divergent. What does this concept mean for public life? Often people with such thinking become known phenomena, adepts. Because of the special type of character and work of the brain, these individuals can describe what an ordinary citizen can not even partially grasp.

The divergent is

According to statistics, unique personalities meet withfrequency 1 to one million. For them, public opinion does not become an obstacle to the achievement of the goal. Such people often become outcasts in society, but it happens that their significance for humanity is lifted to the skies. A simple philistine can not accept all the arguments of extraordinary thinking and tries to reject them.

Only a small part of the people on the planet couldwithout the surprise to talk about many incomprehensible things. And they will understand the train of thought, logical chains will fit in the vast view of the unique. But for modern society, the divergent is the enemy of good, kind memory of ancestors.

Definition in Biology

Divergence in biology is manifested thanks toA natural selection that does not pass under the same conditions. The formation of the uniqueness of a living organism or plant among its species is affected by evolution. This term was first voiced by Charles Darwin for describing the development of varieties, species, genera of plants and animals.

What does the word divergent mean?

He divided two factors affectingformation of properties of living organisms: natural and artificial. The second condition is human activity. Thus, the development of fodder plants in a certain locality was determined by the suitability of its grains to be eaten. A similar fate comprehended livestock and surrounding wildlife.

Definition in Psychology

Divergent - the word-antonym of the concept of a convergent. These are two opposite persons. The first seeks to find distant connections in the process of thinking. And the second is easily persuasive, follows the generally accepted rules, striving to go deeper into a specific task.

Divergent word

Divergents are more free in their worldview,they do not want to put up with the imposed ideas, they are looking for new approaches to performing the most banal and boring manipulations. Among gray uniformity, such people are able to find a sprout of light thought and turn it into an ocean of emotions, to put everything in motion. Personality with a fantastic mindset overcomes the most unimaginable obstacles on the way.

Converters are inherently passive and lackinterest in everything unusual. In an ordinary person, both types of personality are initially present. However, over time, one of them begins to predominate due to life circumstances.

Can you find in yourself the ability to be extraordinary?

If you look into the question of what the word means"divergent", then, in principle, many people try to reject generally accepted norms. However, the definition of the term is comprehensive. Its principles are based on the principles of the scale of the events taking place.

Abandoning certain types of imposedsociety rules, to become a divergent does not work. Even great scientists could not become the true masters of their thought. It can be assumed that such persons are born with the already innate properties of the mind. Attempts to become like such people are comparable to the infinite movement to the Divine power.

Is there a particle of non-ordinaryity in every person?

Every person is to some extent divergent. The uniqueness of the person has been proved for centuries, there are no two similar mindsets on the planet. This is the originality of the approaches of many inventors, philosophers, researchers.

Divergent translation

A person's world view fulfills a functionthe engine to freedom of thought, or, conversely, becomes a blocker on the way to a change in life priorities. Even in childhood, the concept of rationality, good and evil, which did not initially have a one-sided interpretation, was put into the human mind. Each individual has to learn these criteria independently, forming a divergent or convergent thinking.

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