After the ninth grade, many students takethe decision to stop their schooling and go to a new stage of education - go to a technical school or college. For everyone who wants to continue their education in the field of work, the Cherepovets Construction College named after Lepekhin opens its doors every year.

General information about the educational institution

building technical school Cherepovets

Building technical school (Cherepovets) is locatedsomewhat distant from the center of the city, on Mira Street. However, the positive side of this location is a well-developed transport structure - you can get here on a multitude of buses.

Construction College (Cherepovets) does not have hostels, so nonresident students have to cooperate and rent an apartment for several people.

Most of the graduates of the technical school find themselvesWork on the specialty received in the walls of this college. According to statistics, about 90% of all graduates are hired for the profession they have received.


building technical school cherepovets named Lepekhin

The building technical school (Cherepovets) accepts entrants in several specialties, which are very popular among students.

1. Master of parquet and carpentry works. The graduate should be able to repair wooden structures and products, as well as produce them on a woodworking machine.

It is worth noting that this specialty has andsome medical contraindications, among them - diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, mental disorders. In addition, it is not recommended to carry out such activities to persons who are predisposed to colds.

2. Master of Civil Engineering. The graduate should be able to perform stone, electric welding, installation, furnace, concrete and loading works.

The medical contraindications presented above are also applicable for this work. Due to the severity of the work, it is necessary that the trainees have good physical training.

3. Master of dry construction. At the moment it is the most demanded profession in the labor market. Specialists who graduated from the Construction College (Cherepovets) can easily get a job at any of the city's construction organizations.

4. Master of selected construction works. Specialists who graduated from this department get an opportunity to quickly and easily find work in the organizations of the city. The master of finishing works is one of the most demanded services in the market, therefore, a competent specialist with a diploma will not easily find a well-paid job.

Building technical school (Cherepovets). Reviews

building technical school cherepovets отзывы

To make sure what to do,it is in this college that you can get acquainted with the numerous responses of the graduates of this educational institution. And they say that when teaching a lot of attention is paid to practice, the teaching staff is highly qualified. Theoretical disciplines are also well served. Therefore, students master building specialties in full and have all the opportunities for professional and career growth.

The building technical school (Cherepovets) is very popular due to the fact that all graduates quickly find work after graduating.

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