How did Isadora Duncan die, a great dancer who loved speed and fast driving? This will be discussed in an article revealing some mystical role of the "iron horse" in her life.

How did Isadora Duncan die?

short biography

Irish by nationality, future reformerchoreography was born in a large family in San Francisco (USA). It happened on May 27, 1877. The correct pronunciation of her name and surname is Isadora Dönkan, but in Russia there is a different interpretation of them. The history of Isadora Duncan is an example of serving the main passion for life - the dance that brought her world-wide recognition. Leaving the school at the age of thirteen, she rushed to Chicago, where she performed in nightclubs since she was 18 years old. An unusual costume (Greek tunic) and amazing plastic, destroying all the canons of classical dance, made her famous.

The dancer was invited to the secularparty, where she made a real sensation, speaking barefoot, which was unusual for that time. In 1903, with a solo program, she successfully toured in Budapest, and in 1904, together with her older sister, she had already opened her own dance school in Germany. Repeatedly famous dancer visited Russia: in 1905, 1907 and 1913. In 1921, the People's Commissar of Education invited her to open a choreographic school in the capital, promising financial assistance.

History of Isadora Duncan

Dancer Isadora Duncan: the men in her life

The amorous freedom-loving woman loved manymen, preferring to live in luxury and glory. But she was not really happy with anyone. At the age of 18 I nearly got married to a Pole Miroski. A dedicated fan was married, and with this unsuccessful novel, a series of bad luck began in her relationship with men. She was engaged to a talented actor Oscar Berezhi, who preferred a career to a married life. In 29, she gave birth to a daughter from the director-modernist E. Craig, but he decided to return to his former lover. Then in her life appeared millionaire P. Singer, the son of an outstanding inventor.

Isadora Duncan, whose cause of death isis considered in this article, became a mother for the second time, giving birth to a boy from a loved one. But these relations were soon destroyed. The reason was jealousy and freedom-loving temper of Isadora, who does not want to give up art and flirt with men.

The death of children

Since childhood, the woman has lived in anticipation of trouble. Before her birth, his father left his family, leaving four children on his mother. In 1913, in Russia, Isadora began terrible visions, the funeral march was constantly in the ears. She left with her daughter and son to Paris. Visions ceased, and one day she, calmed down, sent both by car to Versailles, accompanied by a governess. On the way, the engine stopped, and the driver left the car to sort out the breakdown. But she started off, slipping directly into the Seine. The daughter of Diderot and son Patrick drowned in the river.

The answer to the question of how Isadora diedDuncan, will not be complete if you do not realize the scale of the tragedy that has occurred in her life. Outwardly retaining her composure, she almost lost her reason and did not rush into the river, walking along the beach. The young Italian, who saved her, became the father of her child, born in 1914. But the baby died immediately after birth.

Sergey Yesenin

Meeting with Yesenin

Tired forty-four-year-old woman triedforgetting to work, planning to open a dance school in Moscow and living in the requisitioned apartment of the ballerina Catherine Geltzer. In October 1921, the artist Yakulov Isadora Duncan, whose cause of death will stir the whole world, met with Esenin, the bohemian poet of post-revolutionary Russia. Not knowing the language, she listened to the music of his poems, realizing that before her - a genius. In turn, admiring her dance, the young rake knelt and heard her say with an accent: "The Golden Head."

Love-passion swallowed both. Soon Yesenin has already moved to the apartment of his beloved, who persuaded him to go on tour to the US and Europe. To get permission to leave, the couple registered a marriage in 1922. The age difference was 17 years, but at the age of 26 the metropolitan poet was already fed up with life and often spent time in a drunken intoxication.

Yesenin's wife Isadorev Duncan

Official marriage

Their union was the only registeredthe marriage of a dancer that has become fatal for both. On tour, Isadora was received with enthusiasm, especially at home - in the United States. Nobody knew the Russian celebrity, in spite of her attempts to organize poetry readings. Yearning for home, a sense of loneliness and wounded self-esteem did their job. Sergei Esenin increasingly got on the pages of newspapers thanks to scandals and debauches, during one of which Isadora had to apply to the police. My husband was sent to a psychiatric clinic.

In 1923, the couple arrived in Russia. The overseas wedding trip completely upset the relationship. Isadora returned to Paris, where her husband sent a telegram that everything is over between them, he loves the other and is happy. Two years later he will be found hanged in the Angleterre hotel in St. Petersburg. And how did Isadora Duncan die?

Dancer Isadora Duncan

last love

Being at the peak of popularity, a danceradopted six pupils, but this did not stop the end of the days to test the passion for men. One of the last lovers was pianist Viktor Serov, who is twice as young as his own passion. She came from jealousy and even thought about suicide, but, according to friend Mary Desti, in her 50 was quite happy with Benoit Falketto.

It was to him that she addressed the last note,left at the door of the hotel room on September 14, 1927. She was waiting for another concert in Nice, to which she took her famous red scarf. With him in Russia she danced under the "Internationale", and one of the enthusiastic spectators was V. Lenin. With the words that she is on her way to her fame, the woman took the back seat of the Amilcar passenger, and the owner of the Falkettault garage is the driver's seat. What happened next and how did Isadora Duncan die?

Isadora Duncan: the cause of death

An absurd death

Many times falling into an accident, a dancer onlyfor the period of tours with Yesenin was forced to replace four cars. But she still put her life in danger, demanding frantic speed from the drivers. Falketto was an experienced driver, so nothing foretold troubles. Mary Destiny, seeing off her friend, noticed how the fringe of shawls began to trail along the ground in the immediate vicinity of the rear wheel. She wanted to shout, but did not have time. Twisted with knitting needles while driving, the scarf drove Isadora's head into the side. The woman's spine contracted the spinal cord and broke the carotid artery. Her death was instantaneous.

The driver could not understand why the engine was bumping,and for several seconds continued to press the gas pedal. At this time, his great companion was already dead. The car-killer was sold for a fantastic sum for those times - 200 thousand francs. Thousands of people came to the funeral at the Pere Lachaise cemetery to bid farewell to their favorite, who died so tragically. For Russians, however, the great dancer is Esenin's wife, first of all. Isadora Duncan, after the death of her husband, refused all copyrights to his works in favor of the mother and sisters and earned respect for his noble deed.

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