During the history of the Soviet Union, historythe country corresponded many times. Due to modest funding, school textbooks were sometimes not reprinted, the students were simply instructed to gloss over the ink of the portraits of the leaders who suddenly became enemies.

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Yagoda, Ezhov, Uborevich, Tukhachevsky, Blucher,Bukharin, Kamenev, Radek and many others were soaked out in this way from books and from memory. But the most demonized figure in the Bolshevik Party was, undoubtedly, Beria Lavrentii Pavlovich. His biography was supplemented by work on British intelligence, which, of course, was untrue, otherwise MI6 would proudly recall such a success today.

In fact, Beria was the most ordinaryBolshevik, not worse than others. He was born in 1899 in a peasant family, and from childhood he was drawn to knowledge. At the age of sixteen, having graduated with honors from the Sukhumi primary school, he expressed a desire to continue his education at the Secondary Mechanical and Technical Construction School, where he received the diploma of an architect. A year later he entered the Baku Polytechnic, where he joined the underground work. Was expelled, but not far, to Azerbaijan.

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Thus, at the top of the Social-DemocraticThere were few intellectuals such as Beria Lavrentiy Pavlovich. Biography after the revolution demonstrates his desire to control the situation. He is engaged in secret operational matters, and in time, after pushing Redens (the son-in-law of Stalin himself), occupies the post of People's Commissar for Internal Affairs of Georgia. Not without the knowledge, of course, of the secretary himself, who believed that business qualities are more important than the closest family ties.

Having successfully dealt with the Mensheviks and othersenemies of Soviet power, Beria Lavrentii Pavlovich, whose biography could not be stalled in this post because of his active nature, closed Stalin's chest while shooting at Lake Ritsa, which is unclear who and what he discovered.

Such a willingness to self-sacrifice wasestimated, but the main factor of career growth was not it, but really outstanding organizational skills and tremendous efficiency. Deputy Yezhov, who soon took his place, candidate member of the Politburo - these steps of the career ladder were passed in 1938.

Beria Lavrentiy Pavlovitch and women

It is believed that the main executioner of Stalin was BeriaLavrenty Pavlovich, his biography, nevertheless, it refutes. He did not manage the affairs of state security for very long (before 1941). The chairman of the Council of People's Commissars is much higher than just the chief chekist. In the field of his attention - the entire defense industry of the USSR of the war years, including the creation of nuclear weapons, which he supervised since 1943.

A special article for conversation - Beria LavrentiPavlovich and women. The wife of the closest associate of Stalin, the beautiful Nino, took all the allegations about his amorous-maniac habits with great skepticism. Her husband's schedule was known to him, he did not have time to even sleep. He had a mistress, very young, but the testimony that Beria had committed violence over her, she gave under the pressure of the investigation. In fact, the girl got an apartment on Gorky Street in Moscow, and her mother even treated her teeth in the Kremlin hospital. So everything was exclusively on a voluntary basis.

There is much written about a daring conspiracy, as a resultwho was arrested and soon executed (or killed) by Beria Lavrentiy Pavlovich. His photo was just as quickly dashed out of all the textbooks, as were the images of the previous unmasked enemies of the people. The projects proposed by him economic and political reforms, in particular, the limited introduction of private property and the unification of Germany, were subsequently realized during Gorbachev's perestroika.

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