The Zhukovsky Air Force Academy inVoronezh is one of the most famous and authoritative universities in the Russian Federation, leading the training of highly qualified personnel for the Russian army. Although this prestigious university was established only 5 years ago, it is the successor of the glorious traditions of several well-known educational institutions. Their article is devoted to their history and significant achievements.

Military Air Academy of Voronezh


The progenitor of the Academy of Air Force inVoronezh is considered a military airfield and technical school. It was founded in Stalingrad by decision of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces at the end of 1948. However, the beginning of his activities was laid in 1950.

In 1954, the WATU was relocated to the city of MichurinskTambov region. In 1963, it was decided to rename this educational institution. However, a few months later the university again relocated.

History of the Voronezh Higher Military Aviation Engineering School

At the end of 1963 Michurinskoe WATU moved tothe place of its modern basing. In 1975 it was decided to raise its status and the school was transformed into the Voronezh Higher Military Aviation Engineering School (VVAIU). In this regard, the duration of training was increased to 4 years. In order to ensure that, as a result of these reforms, there was no interruption in providing the Air Force with the necessary specialists, in 1975, a simultaneous recruitment of applicants with both secondary and higher education was carried out. The first group of cadets was to replenish the ranks of the cadre officers after 3 years, and the second - through 4.

The first graduation of officers with diplomas on higher special education in Voronezh took place in 1979. To improve the level of training graduates in the future, the curriculum extended to 5 years.

In the period from 1979 to 1989, a great amount of work was done in the VVAIU in the field of the development of scientific activity, which made it possible to open an adjunct.

In the 90s, the Voronezh School had a branch stationed in Borisoglebsk. It was created on the basis of the local "flying" VVU named Valery Chkalov.

Military Air Academy of the city of Voronezh

History of VUNTS VVS

The Air Force Academy of Voronezh appeared as a result of the merger of several educational institutions.

In 1998, the VVAIU was transformed into the Military Aviation Engineering Institute. After 8 years, the Voronezh Military Institute of Radioelectronics was attached to it.

In 2007, the university received a stateaccreditation. At the same time, it was decided to concentrate in the Voronezh Military Aviation Institute training military experts of all types of ground support for airplanes: aerodrome engineering, aeronautical engineering, aerodrome engineering, radio engineering, meteorology and aviation communications.

As a result of large-scale transformations toVoronezh University was joined by the VVAIU, which operated in Irkutsk, Stavropol and Tambov. After the publication of the corresponding order, all of their personnel were redeployed to Voronezh.

In 2010, Voronezh VVAIU wasGGNIITSRB. In addition, by order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, he was transferred to the functions of training officers of the operational-tactical level of the Air Force Academy. Professor N. Zhukovsky and Yuri Gagarin, acting in Monino.

Air Force Academy named after Zhukovsky Voronezh

Completion of the formation of the university

As you can see, it is very difficult to say when it wasthe Air Force Academy of Voronezh (VUNTS) was formed, since during the past 25 years other universities that trained personnel for the Russian Air Force were constantly pouring into it. However, it is possible to specify exactly the year when the list of military universities of our country has its name. This happened in 2012, after the order was issued for the merger of the Voronezh VVAIU and the Air Force Academy. Professor N. Zhukovsky and Yu. Gagarin.


In the Air Force Academy of Voronezh carefullyThe memory of the universities, which are its predecessors, is preserved. The subject of pride of listeners, teachers and a huge army of graduates of VUNTS VVS are their achievements. After all, more than 280 employees of these military schools in different years became laureates of the Lenin and State Prizes of the Soviet Union, and were awarded the title of Hero of Labor. More than 1500 graduates were awarded the highest military award of the USSR. 90 of them became heroes of the Soviet Union twice, and the marshal of aviation I. N. Kozhedub was given this title three times. Among the graduates of the Voronezh Air Force Academy are the legends of the world cosmonautics Yuri Gagarin, V. Tereshkova, A. Leonov, well-known designers S. Ilyushin, A. Mikoyan, A. Yakovlev and more than 10 cosmonauts of Russia.

VUNTS Air Force Academy, Voronezh

Composition and structure

Military Air Academy of Voronezh (VUNTS VVS) prepares cadres for 26 military and 18 civilian specialties. At the moment 445 candidates of sciences and 59 doctors, about six dozen professors and 215 associate professors work at the university.

The structure of the Voronezh Air Force Academy includes:

  • university management;
  • General Academic Chairs;
  • Central Research Institute and ICU;
  • CCPPS;
  • NIIReBN;
  • support units;
  • scientific company.

The last division was the first of its kindin the modern Russian army and was formed on the orders of the Russian Defense Minister in 2013. Its appearance marked the beginning of the movement towards the creation of a new type of aircraft, based on the latest technological achievements.

As it was already said, since 1989 the Voronezh Academy has an adjuncture, and 4 doctoral dissertational councils work in 8 specialties.

In addition, since 2015, the university is teaching gifted children. For them, a cadet corps with an engineering bias was established, which can be enrolled after grade 9.

Academy of Air Force Voronezh


The structure of the VUNTS VVS includes 14 faculties. Among them:

  • The means of airfield technical support of flights, created in 1975;
  • Hydrometeorological, where officers are trained in the specialty related to the field of exploration of natural resources of the planet by aerospace means, and meteorologists.
  • Engineering and airfield support.
  • Aviation weapons.
  • Electronic warfare.
  • Aviation equipment.
  • Management of the activities of units engaged in the training of officers in the specialties related to pedagogy, psychology, management and personnel management.
  • Information security.
  • Aircraft.
  • Radio engineering support.
  • Aviation communications, engaged in the training of officers in the specialty "Radio Engineering".
  • Retraining and advanced training.
  • Aviation radio electronic equipment.
  • Special faculty, which is engaged in the training of military personnel and technical personnel for the armies of foreign states.

Branches of the Air Force Academy in Voronezh

VUNTS VVS has 2 branches. These are military training and research centers located in Syzran and in Chelyabinsk. In the first of them, at the moment, there are 10 departments where military experts from Armenia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Guinea, Mali, Kyrgyzstan, China, the Republic of Chad, Vietnam, Sudan, Burundi, Angola, Mongolia, Djibouti, Sri Lanka are being trained along with Russian cadets -Lanka, Laos, Libya and Nicaragua. Syzran Military Institute was founded shortly before the start of the Second World War, and was originally based in Saratov. In the most difficult years he carried out accelerated training gliders for the front. In the period 1979-1989, 12 graduates of the university became Heroes of the Soviet Union for exploits committed in the sky of Afghanistan, and 19 pilots who graduated from the Syzran Military Institute received gold stars participating in the operations of the Chechen war.

VUNTS VVS Air Force Academy Voronezh

Personnel training

The period of study for any of the specialties of vocational education is 22 months, and higher education - 5 years.

Those who graduated from the Academy under the programs of the first type are given the title of "ensign" and are given a diploma of secondary vocational education.

The remaining graduates receive the military rank "lieutenant".

Along with the military specialty, cadets of the universitymaster civil specialty and guaranteed employment in their military specialty. Judging by the responses, young people are attracted by the possibility of career growth, as well as the benefits and benefits that are established by the Constitution and the Federal Law of the Russian Federation for military personnel.

For admission to the university, the applicant must have a document confirming that he does not have a certain level of knowledge in such subjects as:

  • Russian language;
  • mathematics;
  • physics;
  • geography;
  • computer science.


Today, interest in the service in the Armed Forces of Russia is againis high, as in the heyday of the Soviet Union. Especially many people want to link their fate with the air and space troops. This is evidenced by a huge contest in the VUNTS VVS, in which currently trained 11 thousand cadets. Judging by their feedback, young people hope that the knowledge gained within the walls of this university will be for them a step to a successful career and not only military but also civil. Of course, there are dissatisfied. Most often these are applicants who failed to pass the entrance examinations.

VUNTS VVS Air Force Academy, Voronezh

Now you know when it was founded and whichhistory has the Air Force Academy in the city of Voronezh. It is obvious that in the future the aerospace forces will play an important role in ensuring the defense security of our country, that is why this university has an important mission, which it will surely fulfill with honor.

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