Man always wanted to know if he was aloneUniverse or somewhere there are other intelligent beings who have reached the highest level of development. And what can it be, this level? What should be taken for the degree of civilization development? Already many years ago the answer to this question was given by the Kardashev scale, which makes it possible to assess the possibilities and forthcoming stages of the development of Earth's civilization.

Nikolai Semenovich Kardashev is a man who entered the world history

Nikolay Kardashev was one of the most famousSoviet astrophysicists, who spent most of his life searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. He first put forward a theory with a strong evidence base that civilizations succeed each other. He believed that even before our civilization on the planet could be several other branches that ended their existence, reaching a certain degree of development.

The Kardashev scale

Kardashev assumed that in the Universe toothere are several different civilizations that may be inaccessible to our understanding. Together with his colleagues, Nikolai Semenovich actively worked on the classification of the stages of their development. Kardashev's research inspired astrophysicists for various programs to study extraterrestrial intelligence. For example, in the US published works of Kardashev enjoyed immense popularity. On their basis, several secret space programs were created. The classification of secrecy has not been removed from them to this day.

Kardashev's scale: briefly on the development of civilizations

The astrophysicist Kardashev created a special scale thatallowed to classify the level of development of civilization. The scientist put it in direct dependence on the amount of energy consumed. According to this theory, a stable increase in energy consumption by a few percent per year can stretch the transition from one level to another for several tens of millennia.

Check the Kardashev scale for todaydoes not seem possible. It is hypothetical, but nevertheless gives an idea of ​​the possibilities of the development of civilization on a cosmic scale. Astronomers around the world use the Kardashev scale to search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Civilization ii type on the scale kardasheva

Levels of civilization development according to Kardashev

The Kardashev scale provided for only threelevel and scenario, according to which development of absolutely any civilization in the Universe can go. Further progress, according to the scientist, was impossible, since the civilization reached the maximum power level and became megacomplete. Until now, the scale created by the astrophysicist remains unchanged:

  1. Civilization of the first type is planetary. At this level of development, intelligent beings use the full potential of their planet. It becomes their control and nothing can affect the welfare of civilization. It is subject to all natural phenomena, including cataclysms. And energy is extracted from the field of the planet itself and the nearest stars.
  2. Civilization of type II on the Kardashev scale -interplanetary. At this stage, intelligent beings completely conquer the energy of their star. On its basis, special structures are created that accumulate and distribute energy. No complications arise with thermonuclear energy, it is put into the service of reason. Civilizations of the second type on the Kardashev scale actively advance deep into the Universe and colonize other planets. Its power does not allow extinction and makes individuals immune to any external influences.
  3. Civilization of the third type is interstellar. To this stage civilization will be something absolutely new and perfect. Distant stars and new galaxies will be available for colonization, and new sources of energy will be captured and newly discovered stars. Civilization of the III type on the Kardashev scale should be modified as much as possible, it is a colony of cyborgs, which have the ability to self-reproduce. Those who have not managed to adapt to new conditions and evolve become a flawed branch of development and are gradually dying out.

At the moment, Kardashev's scale has received an addition in the form of two more stages of development from Western science fiction writers and theoreticians.

The fourth and fifth stages of development in the opinion of Mitio Kaku and Karl Sagan

Many science fiction writers were not satisfied with three levels, up towhich can reach civilization in its development. Therefore, they decided to supplement the well-known scale. Their additions are not taken into account by astrophysicists, but seriously considered by fans of fiction:

  • The fourth level is the intergalactic society. Civilization is becoming a supramental being. They can use the full potential of the Galaxy and freely exist in black holes. Civilization of the fourth level easily overcomes time and space, and also subordinates them to themselves and their needs.
  • The fifth level is the interuniverse society. Such a civilization can be characterized from a divine position. Reasonable beings control the conglomerate of the Universes, penetrate into parallel worlds and are able to create matter by the power of thought.

Civilizations of the second type on the Kardashev scale

I would like to clarify that these steps in the development of civilization are quite far from scientifically based scenarios of the distant future.

At what level of development is the human race today?

Civilizations on the Kardashev scale pass alllevels gradually and slowly enough. But, unfortunately, today we do not even reach the first level of development. Humanity is still in the cradle or, as many scientists call it, at the zero level.

We are completely dependent on our planet, we are exhaustedits resources and consume the dead energy of plants and animals. Despite the fact that the last five thousand years of the existence of our civilization, it has overcome a long way, it is still not enough to rise to the first level, let alone become a civilization of the second type.

Type on the Kardashev scale

Can we become a civilization of the second type?

It is not known how long it will takehumanity to go through the path to the second level of development. And can we rise to such a high level? Modern astrophysicists believe that our civilization needs no more than two hundred years to reach the first level of development on the Kardashev scale. But the founder of this theory was not so optimistic in his forecasts, according to him, humanity needs more than three thousand years to enter the first stage. Of course, if the civilization does not exhaust the resources of its planet before this time and does not ruin itself in bloody wars.

Some scientists, observing the pathologicalthirst for humanity to consume energy, made a bold assumption that this trend will continue for five thousand years. Consequently, the transition to a second type of civilization can be disastrous for humanity itself and will jeopardize the existence of the planet.

Civilizations on the Kardashev scale

It is not known what will be humanity, having reached a new level of development, but it will necessarily make this important transition. That's just it will be a slightly different human civilization.

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