The world of men's fashion industry has its owncaptains and sailors. But the models that demonstrate the trends of fashion, you can call navigators. Each of them is interested in becoming popular and famous, and many really succeed. One of these male models is Mr. Vanderloo. Mark made a brilliant career: a resident of a small Dutch town was able to conquer the real and virtual world.

Carier start

As can be seen from the surname, the world-famous modelhas a nice Dutch origin. The future conqueror of the European podiums was born in the distant 1968, in the small town of Vaddinhven, in the venerable family of the burghers of Vanderloo. Mark, whose biography was interesting only to a narrow circle of relatives and friends, led the simple life of a Dutch teenager.

vanderloo mark

At school he preferred humanitariansciences - it was easy for him to give languages, history, and culturology. After receiving a secondary education, Vanderloo, Mark chose the profession of a teacher, entered the University of Amsterdam. There he met a girl who worked part-time at a small agency. Mark did not even suspect that such an acquaintance was the beginning of his new career.

Top Model

Accompaniment of an occasional acquaintance to a photo shootwas the start for the formation of the brand "Vanderloo". Mark was in a wave of interest in men's fashion and in a short time conquered the podiums of Milan, Paris, New York.

During the 90s he was a permanent personbrand Boss. In addition, he worked actively and demonstrated the clothes of top fashion legislators: Calvin Klein, Versace, Hermes, Valentino. Every week he took part in more than 50 shows. He repeatedly selected the leading model of the brand "Donna Kara" and demonstrated the clothes of this brand for many years. This working capacity ensured him the glory of a reliable partner and brought worldwide fame. The further cooperation of Mark with the leading fashion houses only consolidated his position. And in 1998 he tried himself as an actor - in the US came the film "Celebrity" with his participation.

vanderloo brand biography

The beginning of zero caught the leading top model inthe heyday of a career. Vanderloo, Mark continued his cooperation with Hugo Boss, demonstrating a new method for promoting models - black and white posters with this brand's clothing have been seen on billboards since 2005.

Career on the Internet

In the late 90's, Internet games received a massiveSpread. Now for the personalization of the characters, there was little schematic representation of the person. The developers decided to involve famous people of their time in the creation of the main characters. So the developers got a picture, which was portrayed by Mark.

Mark Vanderloo Shepard
After numerous approvals, appearanceThe model was copied quite accurately enough to create a brave and bold character in the game. Mark Vanderloo Shepard - one of the key characters of Mass Effect. So the top model immortalized itself in the virtual world.

Personal life

The Dutchman's family life was shaping upunevenly. After numerous love stories, Vanderloo Mark in 1999 made a proposal for the Spanish model Cañadas. A brilliant marriage lasted less than a year - already in December 2000 they parted, and then make out a divorce.

Mark Vanderloo photo

The injured for a long time did not give the Dutchmanstart a new relationship. The chance acquaintance with the Dutch model of Robin Van der Meer ended in a long, close relationship. Later, the couple had two children, Emma Paula, who was born in 2004, and Mark, named after his father, who was born in early 2005. Maternity made Robin abandon the career model. Her devotion and love prompted Mark to make a new marriage, and in 2011 a happy couple legitimized their relationship on the island of Ibiza.

Currently, Mark Vanderlo is successfulcontinues to work in the fashion industry and is still one of the most popular top models of the world of men's fashion. According to the latest ratings, Mark Vanderlo is the fourth in the list of the highest paid male models in the modeling business. A photo of the model adorns the covers of fashion magazines, Mark is waiting for the podiums of the most prestigious fashion ladies. Most likely, this place will remain for the Dutch for some time - until he leaves the fashion industry and finally devotes himself to caring for his family.

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