Goncharov managed to create an amazing, you caneven to say, the only image in the literature - Ilya Oblomov. The whole work is unique, there are no sharp turns in the plot, the situation almost never changes (the first part was the apartment of the protagonist), but nevertheless you worry about the characters. Such an image, like Oblomov, can not but cause controversy about his character, understanding of life.

The novel does not raise political problems,Only personal and interpersonal conflicts are affected here, which remain relevant in any era. Roman Goncharova studied at school, and writing an essay on Oblomov is mandatory in the literary program. There are raised serious issues of a moral nature, which cause the reader to ponder when reading.

essay on Oblomov

Themes of works on "Oblomov"

The list of topics for which it is proposed to write an essay is quite extensive, therefore the most interesting ones will be presented below.

  1. "Love theme in the work" Oblomov. "
  2. Composition on the topic "Oblomov and Stolz."
  3. "The historical and philosophical meaning of the novel Oblomov."
  4. "Oblomov and Oblomovism".
  5. "Oblomov's childhood years in the novel Oblomov."

Relations between Oblomov and Stolz

The writing on the topic "Oblomov and Stolz" isboth simple and difficult to write. Simple, because they are two main characters with brightly written characters, with clear and understandable life principles. But their friendly relations are not as simple as it might seem.

After all, they not only respect and appreciate each other, butare also opposites, which can not but affect their relationship to each other's way of life. If Ilya at some point in his life tries to accept his comrade's point of view, Andrei sharply criticizes Oblomovism and does not even try to understand why Ilya Ilyich is so attracted to a secluded way of life.

But this does not prevent them from remaining close andthe only friends throughout life. After all, only Stoltsu Oblomov could tell about his experiences, and he, in turn, is always ready to help a friend.

themes of works on Oblomov

Reasoning about "Oblomovism"

The essay on "Life of Oblomov" will not beto be distinguished by some bright events that could happen to the main character, but it will be interesting to see how the life principles of the main character have changed. A very accurate and accurate description of the life of Ilya Ilyich was given by his friend Andrei Shtolts - Oblomovism.

The composition on Oblomov's theme differs fromthe reasoning about other works is precisely that the greater emphasis in the novel itself is made on the inner world of the main character. Of course, the character of other heroes is also told, but Oblomov himself was created in such a way that his way of life can not be of great interest to the reader.

It is much more important to understand why hesuch a craving for a solitary and monotonous flow of life. And the reason lies in his childhood, where every day was like one another, where his parents did not burden themselves with serious matters or reflections and were happy.

essay on the theme of oblong and stolz

But if the son was like them, then he would notthought about the words of Stolz, I would not understand myself that times have changed that it is not quite right to live this way. But because Oblomov did not study at home, he developed a philosophical principle, which prompted him to various reflections.

But despite all attempts by Stolz to pick up a friendfrom that monotonous flow of life, Oblomov returned to his origins. Because the basis of his character consisted of this monotony, unhurriedness, a sense of calmness in this measured way of life and actions.

Evaluation of the personality of the main character

In the composition on the subject Oblomov will be enoughIt is difficult to give any unequivocal assessment to the central character. On the one hand, this way of life is wrong in that gradually a person is weaned from making responsible decisions, becomes lazy, not purposeful. Gradually, his personal development can stop because of a narrow circle of communication, narrowing of interests. After all, self-education needs willpower and discipline, which in this way of life just disappears. That's why Ilya Ilyich had doubts and a desire to change his way of life.

an essay on the theme of Oblomov's life

But, on the other hand, its formationcharacter was strongly influenced by the environment and the environment in which he grew up. And this feeling of tranquility and stability was associated with such a measured way of life. For him, it remained an ideal, so at the end of the novel, despite all the efforts of Stolz and Olga, he returns to his old philosophy.

In the essay on Oblomov's theme, you can also indicate,that on the example of the Oblomovs it is shown how the former barbaric way of life was changing, that people became more educated, and progress was made even before the economy was managed. Oblomov and Stolz were a reflection of the opposing public opinion that prevailed in the country at that time. Therefore, despite the lack of a large variety of characters and a change in the situation, this novel has become a classic work, whose relevance eventually continues to persist.

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