This ancientest sign of the sun todayIt was discredited, as it was used in unwholesome intentions. And today many Slavs living on their native land consider the Kolovrat to be two fascist swastikas. However, it is time to renew historical justice, to restore the good name of the sacred sign, the true Slavic symbol, which protected our ancestors.

Kolovrat value

The meaning of the symbol is very interesting. The sign itself represents the path of the sun - the most important star in the sky. He was also considered the road of the gods - Hors and Svarog, associated with the heavenly body. Part of the name "colo" means a wheel or a circle, which is the basis of the amulet. Represent it in the form of a circle, in the center of which eight rays converge. Their ends are bent in one direction, which symbolizes rotation and movement.

For the ancient Slavs, Kolivrat value wasgreat. Their whole life was connected with the sun: work, holidays and major events were tied to solar dates. The luminary itself was a symbol of life, fertility, energy and strength. He was worshiped, he was prayed, he was deified and generous gifts were brought to him. The rotation of the sun, which found its reflection in the solar symbol Kolovrat, not only gave life on our planet. It demonstrated that everything in the universe moves in a circle: beginning with planets and ending with atoms, the existence of which was then not proven.

symbol value

So, the sign of the Kolovrat. Its meaning becomes clear, but what is its prehistory? Our ancestors, of course, watched the starry sky, so they could not miss the peculiarities of the solar path. If in the starry sky to draw an imaginary line from the polar star in the places of the winter and summer solstice to the constellations of the Great and the Lesser Bears, you can clearly see the elements of the colovra. And if you connect the places of these constellations on the map at the time of the solstices and equinoxes, you will get an image of the Slavic symbol.

As it was said before, it mattered onRussia is huge. Archaeologists often find this image on the shrines, fragments of weapons, utensils, clothing. These findings made it possible to conclude that the sign had a strong protective effect. The symbol of divine sunlight drove away the impure force, burning all the disease, both spiritual and physical.

kolovrat guardian value

Kolovrat is a guardian whose significance is difficultto overestimate. He reminded the human race of the Rule - the world of the living, the world of almighty spirits, the covenants of the Gods. He displayed the structure of the world and protected from all evil, he allowed to receive the patronage and help of the gods. And the symbol was a means of communication with another world, secret and invisible. Indeed, the Kolovrat value had a different, even opposite, depending on the direction in which its rays "turned". Posolon, that is, in the course of the sun, were used by men, Women wore a protivosolon.

Today there is a surge of increased interestpeople to their origins. They are interested in the ancient heritage of their ancestors, their worldview. Therefore, Slavic amulets, including the sun tulips, are in demand. It's time for us to throw off the culture imposed by strangers, to find ourselves and our true "I".

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