Soviet children in kindergarten and school were tolda lot of stories about how the leader of the world proletariat loved the younger generation. At the same time Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was affectionately called grandfather, giving his appearance something family-related.

how did Lenin die

And only later, after becoming adults, people understood thatthe creator of the world's first worker state passed away at a fairly young age, he was only 53 years old. Of course, it is not uncommon for men to become grandfathers, having exchanged the sixth decade, but outwardly they can still be attractive, and they do not often correspond to the image of an aged, bent old man.

About how Lenin died, was told more briefly,than about his love for children. The main version is the consequences of a heavy wound from a poisoned bullet released by the terrorist Kaplan. The fact that almost six years has passed since the assassination attempt took place, it was taken into account, but the explanation was also given quite logically. Pathological changes in cerebral vessels accumulated, gradual liming of the circulatory system occurred and, as a consequence, three strokes in a row, the last of which turned out to be fatal.

why died Lenin

In the winter of 1924 in Gorki, where Lenin died, doctorsThey made persistent attempts to reanimate it. The events took place at six in the afternoon on January 21, and a medical device connected to the patient, which was a rarity at that time, was connected to the patient, but he did not help. An autopsy showed that the brain was really in an extremely painful condition, which apparently developed for more than one year. Thus, the conclusion about the mental state of the "genius of the revolution" was suggested, which was later formulated by the Nobel Prize winner Professor Pavlov, the author of brilliant works on reflexology. According to him, a coup in Russia was conceived and implemented by a mentally ill person, who suffered a neglected form of syphilis that penetrated the brain.

About how Lenin died, and about the circumstances,preceding his death, the general public became known only in the nineties. The widespread version about the involvement of Stalin in the death of Vladimir Ilyich arose in the second half of the fifties. It was based on vague hints of the then First Secretary NS Khrushchev, who strove to inspire everyone that he knows something about how Lenin died, and how Kirov was killed, and something else ...

The goal was simple: even more demonize the image of his predecessor with the goal of his own whitewashing. There was simply no sense in physically eliminating a helpless, indistinctly speaking and broken by a ruthless illness, and the notorious "Letter to the Congress", despite all its "super secret", was not a secret to anyone in the Central Committee.

how did Lenin die

There was another version of the cause of the death of the leader,defined as a genetic predisposition. The fact that Lenin died, namely, a hemorrhage in the brain, was the reason for the death of his father, Ulyanov Ilya Nikolaevich, the Samara inspector of education. His age was also far from advanced, only 54 years. However, the difference was that the esteemed State Councilor even in his last days did not suffer from either dementia or pathological cruelty towards people of all ages.

The circumstances of how Lenin died and the generalSymptoms do not contradict the version of Pavlov. As often happens, the cause of death could be a set of disastrous factors, among them the wound, and the unhappy visit of a 32-year-old political emigrant to a Parisian woman of easy conduct, and unhealthy heredity. But all of them in some way explain the cruelty that this "kind grandfather" showed, writing orders for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of people, the colors of the people of Russia.

For the sake of justice, it should be noted thatofficial confirmation of this version is not received. In addition, the outstanding German neurologist M. Nonne who examined Lenin in 1923 later denied it, claiming that he did not find any signs of neurosyphilis in the patient. Therefore, disputes about the causes of the death of the leader of the world proletariat are likely to be maintained for many more years.

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