We live during urbanization, the villagersis becoming less and less, as many people prefer to live in cities. In contrast to quiet provincial towns, in megacities is more intense business and cultural life.

Cities - world record holders

We represent to your attention the most densely populated cities in the world (2013):

  1. The inhabitants of the whole of South Asia are rushing to Mumbai onearnings. According to the latest statistics, the most populous city in the world is Mumbai in India. In Mumbai, a relatively high standard of living, especially in relation to other Indian cities.
    The most populous city in the world
  2. Shanghai, the city where the largestworld port. During the Second World War, crowds of refugees from Europe and Jews - victims of the Holocaust flocked to Shanghai. In Shanghai, since 1992, actively developing production, constantly attracting investors and new employees.
  3. Beijing, the capital of China. The largest railway junction in the country. From China, constant supplies of goods to all corners of the world, including to Russia, are carried out.
  4. Istanbul. The former capital of the Great Ottoman Empire, the most beautiful and wealthy city. Simultaneously European and Asian, Istanbul is a major political and cultural center of Turkey. Istanbul is not as large as the most populous city in the world, but certainly beautiful.
  5. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. A huge metropolis, inundated with office workers in strict black business suits and youth, often dressed in strange, in the eyes of a European, outfits. The culture of Asia is not always understandable to a European person, but certainly interesting. Hundreds of thousands of tourists every year flock to the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun.
    The most densely populated cities in the world 2013

We represent the most populous cities in Europe

Europe is small relative to the total world area of ​​countries, but nevertheless sufficiently densely populated. If the most densely populated city in the world is Mumbai, then how is it going in Europe?

  1. Moscow, the capital of Russia, takes the first honorarya place. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most densely populated cities in Russia. Every year a new stream of people from other cities of Russia and the near abroad arrives in Moscow. The business and political center of Russia, as well as the most populous city in the world, is of great interest to investors.
  2. London is the capital of Great Britain, a land of eternal fogs and evening tea. One of the most densely populated cities in Europe.
  3. The third largest city in Europe is Madrid. The Spanish capital, the business center of the country.
    The most densely populated cities in Europe
  4. St. Petersburg. The population exceeded 5 million. St. Petersburg is the cultural center of Russia, one of the most visited cities. The influx of people every year is slightly less than in Moscow. Petersburg is famous for its monuments of art and architecture. Here is a large seaport.
  5. Completes the top five major European cities, the German capital - Berlin.

Densely populated cities in Russia in the TOP-5

The vastness of our homeland is amazing in its scope. However, it has long been known that in Russia's vast territory, the population density is low.

The most densely populated cities in Russia:

  1. Of course, Moscow ranks first again. The role of the Russian capital in business and political life in Europe is difficult to overestimate. Given the constant annual influx of people about Moscow in a few years, it can probably be said that this is the most populous city in the world.
    The most densely populated cities in Russia
  2. St. Petersburg. The second capital, or, as they say, the northern capital of Russia. The window to Europe was cut through this city during the reign of Peter I.
  3. Unanimously, all researchers claim that the third largest population in Russia is the city of Novosibirsk.
  4. The next place was occupied by Yekaterinburg.
  5. Just less densely populated is Nizhny Novgorod.


In some cities, the density of the population meansa high standard of living, business activity and advanced production. However, in developing countries, cities have an advantage only over rural areas, but in general they have a low standard of living. In Europe, the density of the population in cities is mainly due to the small territory of the countries themselves. In contrast, in Russia there are very large territories with low population density. Thus, it can be concluded that the density of the population in cities depends on many factors. It can not be said that the densely populated cities of Europe and the world are always on a higher level of life and development.

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