Socio-psychological phenomena beginto be conditioned and appear when the interaction of the individual, the group and the social environment occurs. What is the social environment? This is all that surrounds any of us in his ordinary social life. The social environment is the object of mental reflection, which in itself is an indirect or indirect result of labor.

social environment

The social personality throughout his life experiences the influence of all sorts of factors that are conditioned by the specifics of her environment. Development occurs under the influence of them.

Social environment - this is nothing likea certain formation of specific social relations that are at a certain stage of their own development. In the same environment, independently of and dependent on each other, there are many individuals and social groups. They constantly intersect, interacting with each other. A direct social environment is formed, as well as a microenvironment.

In the psychological aspect, the social environmentacts as something like a set of relations between groups and individuals. It is worth noting the moment of subjectivity in the totality of relations arising between the individual and the group.

Social environment of a teenager

With all this, the personality has a certaindegree of autonomy. This is primarily about the fact that she can freely (or relatively freely) move from group to group. Such actions are necessary in order to find their own social environment that would meet all the necessary social parameters.

We note at once that the mobility of the socialpersonality is not at all absolute. Its limitations are related to the objective framework that socio-economic relations have. Also, much depends on the class structure of society. Despite all this, personality activity is one of the determining factors.

In relation to personality, the social environment hascharacter is relatively random. In the psychological sense, this randomness is very significant. Since the relationship of the individual with her environment largely depends on her individual characteristics.

The social personality

A fairly common opinion onThe fact that the socio-economic formation is nothing but the highest abstraction belonging to the system of social relations is true. Note that everything in it is based on fixing only global features.

The social environment of a teenager, an adult, and indeedany other person - this is where a person does not just stay, but receives certain attitudes with which he will live in the future. No one will doubt the fact that our opinion is largely due to certain internal attitudes that were themselves worked out under the influence of that social environment in which we have been for a long time. The strongest development and intensive consolidation of these settings occurs, of course, in childhood.

A person does not form himself completely, since a significant part of it is formed by the social groups in which it is made up. Public influence is always great.

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