After the end of the junior classes, children move tothe fifth class, where they are waiting for a single leader and new sensations. Now you do not have to sit at one desk. The fifth-graders must adapt to the conditions of the new educational process, independently visiting the necessary subject rooms.

Organization of the first meeting of parents of future fifth graders

It is very important to organize and conduct a classthe head of the first parent meeting in the 5th grade, at which moms and dads will be notified of how the boys continue to behave. It is equally important at this stage to tell parents that their children are beginning a new, independent life, in which education and assistance are appropriate. The class teacher will help to adapt to the fifth graders. However, parents should not ignore such a complicated process of their children.

first parent meeting in grade 5
The main task of the class teacher in thisperiod is a correct explanation of the whole educational process. To do this, the teacher must prepare in advance for the event, which is based on the purpose of clarifying organizational issues. The agenda of the first parent meeting is thought out in advance.

Features of the first parent meeting

As a rule, such meetings take place in the summerperiod of time, before the start of the school year. The class teacher holds the first parent meeting in grade 5. This is an event where teachers and parents meet. They solve various issues of educational and upbringing nature, determine further work plans. The main purpose of the first parent meeting in grade 5 is to familiarize with the future actions of the school, class. It is very important at this stage to provide moms and dads with the necessary information about the role of the teacher in the classroom and what needs to be done by educating their child.

parental meeting first marks
The first parent meeting in grade 5 isAn important organizational event on which the further success of the students depends. The class teacher tries to convey information to parents, offering them active participation in the life of schoolchildren. At the end of the event, as a rule, the administration and the class teacher thank everyone for their attention, for their indifference to their child and agrees the next meeting date.

Preparation of the class teacher for the meeting

Preparing for the meeting, the teacher must determinepriority topics that should be discussed with parents. This may be the first evaluation of the guys. You can hold a parent meeting "First marks". A class teacher during an event should create an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

how to hold the first parent meeting
Then the teacher can start talking aboutrules of the school and the rhythm of life of future fifth-graders. A teacher can be satisfied if moms and dads adequately perceive this conversation and actively participate in it, discussing certain details. Parent meeting "First marks" - an occasion to get acquainted more closely.

How can I hold a parent meeting?

Not every teacher knows how to conduct the firsta parent meeting in grade 5. For acquaintance with such information it is necessary to read the methodical literature. When the teacher will know how to hold the first parent meeting, you can notify the school administration.

the theme of the first parent meeting
Teacher should inform parents about his / herpedagogical experience and previous place of work. This will create a lasting relationship and a trusting relationship. The next step can be considered a message about your requirements: appearance, speech syllable, introduction of notebooks, attending lessons. It is desirable that at the first parent meeting, moms and dads are present along with their children. This will make it easier to get to know the teachers and the school administration before the classes begin.

Priority directions in the work of the class teacher

During the communication of the class teacher withparents should preferably talk about priority areas in the robot with children. If desired, you can conduct a survey. This is necessary to compile a social passport for all family members of the future fifth grader. This is done to find out if there are socially unprotected children in the class. Even at the stage of communication with parents and schoolchildren, the class teacher should find out which circles or sections the children visit. It is equally important at this stage to provide information about school circles.

The main tasks of the first parents' meeting of the fifth graders

The main task of the parent meeting of the newcollective is considered the choice of the members of the committee and the chairman. Such people will help the school administration, teachers and class teacher. Then the class teacher should inform the parents about the possible plans for working with the guys - excursions, hiking, various competitions, quizzes.

minutes of the first parent meeting
Upon completion of the parent meetingthe class teacher should definitely clarify the presence of questions from those present. If they arise, then you need to give an answer to them. Sometimes there may be questions of an organizational nature or those that are related to the material component. The main rule of such a meeting is the openness of the class teacher during communication with parents. The developed attention from the teacher must be taken into account by the parents, since the teacher should always be the authority for any schoolboy.

Themes of the first meeting

Often the theme of the first parent meetingis associated with the acquaintance of the class teacher with moms and dads. Typically, at such an event various organizational issues are discussed (giving money to the canteen, for repairs, celebrating various events). At this stage, the class teacher should be friendly and open. The teacher can tell parents about the importance of moral support for the child in this period.

Maintenance of documentation at the first meeting of parents

Inviting parents to a school for discussionvarious educational tasks, the class teacher should remember about the accounting documentation. It is important for the protocols to choose one present who knows the specifics of doing such a thing. Upon completion of the fees, it is necessary to prepare the minutes of the first parent meeting. Even in primary classes, they choose a chairman and a secretary. The class teacher, as the organizer of this meeting, can become the chairman of the meeting. Any representative from the parent committee can become a secretary. It is not necessary that the secretary be the same person who conducted all the four years of class documentation. It can be a completely different parent who can afford to deal with such documentation.

agenda of the first parent meeting
The Protocol, like any other document, has its ownsubtleties of design. To begin with, you need to fill in the so-called cap, that is, specify those present at the parent meeting. It is necessary to indicate what kind of document it is, where it is being filled, to specify the date of the recording. Further, the presence of people is specified, the chairman of the meeting, with the indicated surname, initials. After the total number of those present is entered. If a director, deputy, psychologist or other teachers has come to the meeting, it is important to record this. The discussion topic is included in this document. The teacher should choose in advance questions for discussion.

The agenda of the first meeting of parents of future fifth-graders

In order for parents to understand all the events,which occur in the school, it is necessary to create a meeting plan. For each meeting, we need to think over the agenda. Most often these are questions that concern the administration of the school, pupils and parents. All the issues that are discussed at the parents' fees are recorded in the minutes of the agenda of the first parent meeting. The agenda can be prepared in advance by the secretary and announced to everyone present at the meeting. All members of the parent committee after listening can make their suggestions, refuse from pre-written plans.

For each issue on the agenda, it is indicated whospoke about what he was talking about. All issues that are considered at the first parent meeting, should be specified. In conclusion, it is necessary to indicate information about what the present and the class teacher came to, and what they decided.

first all-school parent meeting
The first all-school parent meetingpasses in the walls of the school. Future fifth graders must reorganize to a new learning system, while visiting the various classrooms of the school. It is difficult for a student to get used to such reformatting of his educational process. That is why teachers who work in the fifth classes, try not to overload them too much, motivating the period of adaptation. During the first parents' meeting of future fifth graders, those present can learn the names of all teachers who will teach new subjects in the fifth grade.

Conversation with parents during the meeting

The class teacher should, during the course of the trainingyear to hold four events for moms and dads of students. The first parent meeting at the school involves getting to know the school administration. Children who begin to learn in a new institution for them can become withdrawn and not react to the requests of teachers. The task of the class teacher at the first parent meeting is to correctly set up future fifth graders and their parents.

Adaptation of schoolchildren

To help your child tune ineducational process, preparatory courses are applied. During this adaptation, children simply get used to the fact that they will walk with a portfolio in different classes. Children should be told that the main teacher is at the lesson, and you should not make too much noise during the break.

Holding a parent meeting in the additional training group

The first parent meeting of the preparatorygroup is extremely necessary. It occurs in advance of the beginning of the learning process. Such classes are necessary so that the child does not get lost during the study, if he can not find a specific teacher or class. The preparatory group of schoolchildren will allow them to quickly adapt to the new curricula, while repeating what they were given during the period of study in primary school.

If you approach the organization and conductthe first parents' meeting of future fifth graders, then success will be seen immediately. The presence of the school administration at such an event will make it more official and significant for the adult and children's audiences.

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