The flight of Yuri Gagarin into space became a grandiosean event for all mankind. The name of the first cosmonaut entered the world history. About the details of the first space travel, the dangers that lay in wait for man in the unexplored spaces of the universe, you will learn from this article.

Purpose of flight

During the first flight on a spaceship"East" Gagarin had to make one turn around the Earth. The flight altitude should be 180-230 kilometers, the duration - 80 minutes. During an extraterrestrial trip, the astronaut needed to find out how a person feels in space on a specially equipped for his life ship, to evaluate the performance of all aircraft systems, to check the connection with the Earth. Gagarin had to make sure that the means of landing the astronaut and the ship were safe and reliable. How long was Gagarin's flight? You will learn about this after reading this article.

how long did Gagarin fly

Possible risks

The USSR participated in the space race. There was information that in 1961 (April 20), Americans plan to send a man into space. Therefore, the decision on who would be the first cosmonaut was taken very quickly. At the meeting of the Civil Code approved the candidacy of Yuri Gagarin, his double was Herman Titov. The ship "Vostok" was also created in a short time. The equipment of the aircraft was greatly simplified. Designers had to sacrifice systems of soft landing of the ship and emergency rescue at the start. In addition, there was no duplicating braking system on the ship. This decision was motivated by the fact that in such a low orbit the spacecraft will descend from the trajectory and fall to Earth itself due to natural causes - inhibition of the upper layers of the atmosphere. This process, according to specialists, was to take ten days. At the same time life-support systems were calculated. About how long Gagarin's space flight actually lasted.

flight of Yuri Gagarin


The launch of the spaceship Vostok waswas carried out at 09:07 Moscow time, in 1961, on April 12, from the Baikonur cosmodrome. On board the aircraft was Gagarin - the pilot-cosmonaut, who decided to conquer outer space, despite the possible risk to life and health. Before the start, Yuri said the legendary phrase: "Let's go!" "Vostok" worked satisfactorily, but at the last stage the radio control system failed, so the third stage engine shutdown occurred after the ship was in space. The actual altitude of the orbit, along which the spacecraft began to move, exceeded the calculated one by 100 km. According to declassified data, its parameters were 327x180 km. If the ship's braking system did not work, then under the influence of the atmosphere the device could return to Earth from 20 to 50 days. This would mean the inevitable death of the astronaut. How much Gagarin's flight lasted is now known to everyone. Fortunately, Yuri's journey ended safely.

Gagarin's time in flight

In orbit

On the same day, the whole world learned about how muchminutes Gagarin's flight lasted - the cosmonaut was on board the Vostok spacecraft for 108 minutes. All this time, Yuri conducted the simplest experiments: drinking, eating, trying to write. Gagarin's attempt to put a pencil next to him led to the fact that he immediately swam away. The cosmonaut concluded that the necessary items in space need to be tied. Yuri recorded all his observations on the tape recorder. Since before the flight scientists did not know how stable the human psyche in space would be, the control panel of the ship was blocked. The password was in a special envelope, which Gagarin had to open in orbit. According to legend, well-known combination of figures (125) well-wishers informed Yura before the flight.

how long did Gagarin fly?

Freelance situation

How long was Gagarin's flight? It could have been much shorter and ended with the death of the first cosmonaut, because landing the ship was no less dangerous than launching. The braking system, designed by Isaev, worked with a small flaw. Automatic separation of compartments did not take place, as a result of which, before entering the upper layers of the atmosphere, the spacecraft randomly tossed from side to side at a speed of 1 revolution per second. Gagarin did not lose his composure and reported to the Earth about a freelance situation in conditional terms. Fortunately, the cables of the instrumental-aggregate compartment burned out in the denser layers of the atmosphere, and he finally separated from the ship. Further landing of the device passed in a more calm mode. How long was Yuri Gagarin's flight? Only 108 minutes, and how many events happened in this short period of time!


Descent of the ship "Vostok", as well as all the restspace vehicles of the same class, passed along a ballistic trajectory. This meant that the cosmonaut experienced ten times overload during landing. Yuri was preparing for this test, and he successfully withstood it. About how long Gagarin's flight lasted, knew all the scientists and designers related to launching the first man into space, because they watched the ship in real time. However, it is unlikely that the cosmonaut had the opportunity to follow the times. Psychological loads were much stronger than physical ones. After the ship entered the dense layers of the atmosphere, the metal sheath began to melt under the influence of a high temperature, the magnitude of which increased to 3-5 thousand degrees. The trickles of liquid metal flowed down the windows of the portholes. The cabin of the ship crackled violently. To sustain such a load on the psyche was difficult even prepared for any unexpected astronaut. It is interesting that Gagarin's wristwatches with honor passed the test with overloads and worked well during the whole trip.

how many minutes did Gagarin fly

Hard landing

After the "East" fell to the mark of sevenkilometers above the Earth, Gagarin catapulted. The capsule and the astronaut began to descend to the ground separately, each in its own parachute. In the absolutely sealed spacesuit, the breathing valve did not immediately open. The astronaut nearly died. The last test was the threat of immersion in the icy current of the Volga. Skilfully managing the lines, Gagarin managed to avoid this danger. He landed a few kilometers from the river bank.

how long did the flight of Yuri Gagarin

Meeting on Earth

How long Gagarin's flight in space lasted, alreadyit did not matter. Thanks to his courage, incredible endurance and the will to win, the astronaut forever imprinted his name on the pages of world history. The task was completed. The first researcher of outer space was our compatriot, Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin. And this event is difficult to overestimate. Due to malfunctions in the operation of the braking propulsion system, the landing took place not in the planned area, the Stalingrad area, but in the Saratov region, in the environs of the city of Engels. According to the official version, Gagarin was first noticed by corporal V. G. Sapeltsev, and met and delivered the first cosmonaut to the nearest military unit, Major A. N. Gassiev. However, according to other sources, the first people Yuri met after landing were Anna, the wife of the forester, and her granddaughter Margarita. Later, military and local residents arrived to the scene of the incident. Gagarin was taken to the military unit, from where the first cosmonaut reported to the local air defense commander about the successfully completed task.

how long did the space flight of Gagarin

Glory to the hero!

Yuri Gagarin became a man-symbol who madeThe first step into the unexplored expanses of the universe. It is well known that he flew into space as a senior lieutenant, but landed already as a major. On a simple Russian guy all sorts of prizes and awards were showered. The English queen called him not an earthly man, but "heavenly" and, contrary to etiquette, photographed with him. Gagarin's sunny smile became a real brand. Yuri adequately withstood the test of glory. His exploit showed the whole world what a Russian person is capable of. And now we are proud that it was our compatriot who made his first flight into space. Gold medal them. Yuri Gagarin is awarded to astronauts and cosmonauts who contributed to the exploration of outer space. The Federal Space Agency has established a special award - a sign of Gagarin. The name of the first cosmonaut named many areas, districts, streets, boulevards, avenues. The city of Gzhatsk, in which Yuri spent his childhood, was renamed Gagarin. About how long Gagarin's flight lasted, they know all over the world. The cosmonaut's name is repeated in different languages ​​with pride and admiration.

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