Once upon a time, many boys dreamed of becomingcommanders. Brave, smart, able to make decisions and lead. Of course, to a large extent these dreams were stimulated by the way the military press described literature. In those days, every schoolboy knew the names of the marshals of the Soviet Union! It is worth remembering what these people have done, many of whom have been striving to imitate!

How many in the USSR was the marshals?

In fact - a lot. Yes, this is not surprising, given that the title was introduced in the distant 1935, and abolished - only in 1991. But at the same time the significance of this designation is quite obvious: for all the years the country's marshals of the Council have become 41 people. Indeed, many of them became legends and role models even during their lifetime. True, not all remained so in the future.

Marshals of the Soviet Union

The names of the marshals of the Soviet Union, who know practically everything

Most of all admiration was caused by those commanders who earned the rank of marshal not in peacetime, but in those years when the country was in danger.

George Zhukov - a man who just becameliving legend. This native of the peasant family fought for Russia since 1915. Note that he clearly was not only clever, but also very brave. In tsarist Russia Georgievskie crosses just did not give out, and Georgii Konstantinovich had two! Wounds and concussion did not prevent Zhukov from building a career. By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he was already an established professional. It is not surprising that this man became one of the members of the Stavka and replaced the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Marshal Zhukov became in 1943. Until the end of his days, this man was Marshal of Victory. Such names of marshals of the Soviet Union are known even by those who never opened a history book!

Marshals of the Soviet Union Photo

Rodion Malinovsky is another of the heroes whothe country knew by sight! He was born in Odessa, but he did not become a sailor. From a young age he fought for his state. So, already in 1915 Malinovsky received the St. George Cross. A year later he showed himself in France - there, too, was awarded a military cross. When Russia became part of the Land of Soviets, Rodion Yakovlevich joined the Red Army. During the Second World War he fought against the Germans in many sectors. In particular, took part in the battle for Stalingrad, drove out enemies from Ukraine (by the way, from his native Odessa - too). Note that Malinowski clearly did not sit out in the deep rear, commanding operations. This is indicated by the fact that he was wounded. This man became a marshal in 1944.

marshals of the Soviet Union alive

Listing the names of the marshals of the Soviet Union,it is necessary to mention Konstantin Rokossovsky, who also did much to defeat the fascist armies. By the way, by nationality he is a Pole. But, again, all his life he fought for Russia! His military career began in 1914. St. George's cross and two medals were accurately received for a reason! He was always ahead, not afraid of anything. By the way, Rokossovsky was not always in favor - from 1937 to 1940 he was imprisoned. But, nevertheless, in 1941 again I went into battle for my country! A severe wound under Sukhinichi (not the first in his life) did not take Rokossovsky out of action. And in 1944 he became a marshal.

And from all the marshals it would be worthwhile to take an example?

Not all the names of the marshals of the Soviet Union todayFilled with a halo of glory and nobility. For example, Lavrenty Beria is a figure so odious that very few people are likely to imitate him. Well, Leonid Brezhnev, who also had the rank of marshal, by definition was not a hero who went into battle and defended his homeland, shedding blood.

Marshals of the Soviet Union: are there living among them?

To date, only Dmitry Yazov is alive, who was promoted to the rank of marshal in 1990. He is already 90 years old. Unfortunately, the same marshals of the Soviet Union, whose photos are published in the article, are no longer with us.

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