Krasnoyarsk is a fairly large city. Here the sphere of education is well developed. Within the city there are many educational institutions that offer graduates of schools a prestigious profession. One of them are colleges of Krasnoyarsk. On the basis of 9 classes applicants can enter different faculties. These are medical, technical, economic and many other specialties. It is very important that at the time of training for young men a deferment from service in the Armed Forces of Russia is granted. After graduating from college, the student receives a secondary specialized education. With such a diploma, you can get a job or continue studying in higher education. So, let's look at the most popular colleges in Krasnoyarsk.

Krasnoyarsk Medical College

In this school you can study ata specialist in nursing or a midwife. Reception of applications begins in the beginning of summer, entrance examinations, as a rule, take place in August. The college offers two forms of training: full-time and part-time. The latter is ideal for those who are already employed. After the termination of 11 classes students study internally - about three years, and in absentia - for one year more. Medical College (Krasnoyarsk) provides applicants only budget places. A scholarship is paid for the good progress in the state. Practically all graduates of the college are provided with workplaces in medical institutions of Krasnoyarsk and the region, and they also have privileges on admission to higher educational institutions of the city for obtaining further specialized education.

colleges of Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk Motor Transport College

Educational institution with more than half a centuryhistory sets the task to give the necessary applied and technical skills to future specialists of the motor transport industry. Training is conducted in the following specialties:

  • Auto mechanic, driver of cars in category B, S.
  • The driver of road-transport cars. Bulldozer drivers, motor grader drivers are produced.
  • Crane operator.
  • The technician of the organization of transportations on motor transport.
  • Specialist in maintenance and repair of vehicles.

You can learn the technique by finishing both 9 and11 classes of the general education school. Applicants are invited to enter the correspondence or full-time department. Almost all colleges of Krasnoyarsk have similar forms of education. At the mechanics and machinists set is only among ninth-graders. They are trained on full-time form. Unfortunately, there are no other proposals for them. The future specialists are studying on the following schedule: 34 months full-time, 46 - in absentia.

medical college krasnoyarsk

College of Radio Electronics and Information Technologies in Krasnoyarsk

This school is one of the mostold colleges of the city. All students who study here are guaranteed to receive a high level of knowledge. The guys are practicing at manufacturing enterprises both in the city and outside it. After graduation, they are willingly recruited into organizations operating in the region. It is worth noting that not all colleges in Krasnoyarsk employ their graduates. By the way, this educational institution is versatile. They offer training in more than 10 types of specialties:

  • Economics and Accounting.
  • Information Systems.
  • Computer networks.
  • Administration of local networks.
  • Programming.
  • Banking.
  • Fire safety.
  • Technologies of various automatic processes in production.

colleges of Krasnoyarsk based on 9 classes

Practically in all specialties there is abudget, and paid places are offered to applicants for the choice of various forms of training. In this school, students receive, perhaps, the most competitive skills in order to be in demand by specialists. All Krasnoyarsk colleges work on the latest technologies and every year they gladly meet new students.

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