Noble is the desire to become a doctor. It's great if a child dreams about this kind of activity. But how to write an essay-reasoning or essay on the topic "The doctor is my future profession"?

my future profession is a doctor in English
Let's look at some examples, ideas. In the article budutu there are not only ways of writing an essay, but also various recommendations for the future. After all, not every fifth grader imagines what the work of a physician is. Maybe someone will think about it differently, is preparing intensively for entering the medical academy.

A dream from childhood

Have you dreamed of working as a doctor when you were only six or seven years old? Maybe you've been treating toy animals, puppets all the time, and later helped treat wounds to relatives and friends?

"The doctor is my future profession", like all works, has an introduction. It is necessary briefly to state the essence of the essay that you want to write. For example, like this:

"I want to be happy to tell you why I dream about the profession of a doctor ...". Agree, you must explain why this sphere attracts you, and not technology, science or literature.

 essay reasoning my future profession doctor

But the introduction does not need to be loaded with explanations. Let this moment remain for the main part of the composition. Let's return to our dream of the profession of a doctor. Are there any physicians among your relatives? Or do you want to become a doctor of your own free will?

Unfortunately, parents often try to raise children strictly and are forced to follow in their footsteps, contrary to your preferences. Well, if this is not your case, we'll explain why below.

Love for people

A good doctor should not only love hisprofession, but also people. A feeling of compassion, mercy, responsiveness - that's what should be present in the medic. Without such good qualities, a professional will not be able to fully support the patient.

Yes, unfortunately, doctors are strict, grouchy and withdrawn, but, maybe, they sympathize with you inside the heart and write out the right medicine.

composition my future profession doctor 5 class

And what will you write about this in the essay "The Doctor Is My Future Profession"? Make in the main part the paragraph devoted to this moment. For example:

"When my ear ached, my mother took me toLORA. I was treated by a very kind and affectionate doctor. Perhaps, it will seem to you a joke, but my ear has ceased to be ill with communication with him. I remember this bright moment from my childhood, since that time I dream of becoming such a wonderful doctor. "

Do you see how the kindness and love of the doctor works on the patient? It is very important.

What the doctor should do

Is the doctor due after graduationjust sit in your office and take it? No. It must develop, learn something new. If talented physicians, biochemists, who are not indifferent to the fate of man. They understand that it is necessary to treat not the symptoms, but to look for the cause that caused the ailment. Unfortunately, modern traditional medicine practically nothing except pharmacy drugs, "chemistry" does not recognize, and also does not believe in the cure of chronic diseases. But there are brave doctors who really want to heal a patient, take on their own fears and risks for experiments, and quite successfully rid him of all diseases.

In the composition-reasoning "My future profession is a doctor" it is worth including this factor. At the same time think, would you develop in the medical field, would you like to gain additional skills?

I will be a good specialist. My tasks

It is difficult, of course, to reason with the child thatis a doctor's responsibility. We will not paint all this. But you need to have a superficial view. How can I write on the topic "My future profession - a doctor" class 5, and graduates of grade 11? Of course, the representation of a ten-year student and a seventeen-year-old is different. Therefore, the requirement for a work plan varies.

my future profession is a dentist

So what are the tasks of a good specialist? Let's enumerate approximately:

  • listen to the patient's complaints;
  • to collect anamnesis;
  • conduct an inspection;
  • if necessary, to appoint a survey, tests;
  • prescribe treatment;
  • inform the date of the next visit.

It would seem that the standard list. But the doctor's work is very difficult. Here, great responsibility for the health and life of people. We must always remember this.

What kind of doctor do I want to become?

It is important even before entering a medical college to decide which doctor you want to become. There are a lot of specializations, and they can be very different.

Imagine only: dentist and oculist, psychoneurologist and surgeon ... Who is not afraid of blood, can accurately seal the tooth, do jewelry work in plastic surgery? On the other hand, the psychoneurologist should be very talented, sensitive, with high intelligence, and still be able to master the situation in extreme conditions.

So, let's say, my future profession -a dentist. The writing is easier to write than to master the profession in practice. Each of us visited a dentist as a child. How does he heal the tooth and what? While you were young, you did not realize that the doctor was doing a very serious and difficult job. Not every person is able to hold a tool in his hands, do jewelry work.

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to learn this skill for several years. Only strong, healthy people take this job, who can work clearly and smoothly with the help of a tool.

Books on anatomy and encyclopedia

A child may be interested in anatomy books from childhood. Have you had any encyclopaedia with a section on the human body from a young age? Have you studied with interest?

doctor is my future profession

Write necessarily about it. Let's give a small example:

"On my birthday, when I turned sevenyears, gave a huge children's encyclopedia. I loved to sit down in the evenings with a book in a cozy armchair under a floor lamp and study pictures. But when I got to the section "Man", I realized that I was interested in everything that was painted and written there. I realized that my future profession is a doctor. In English, we studied the professions in grade 1. The first phrase I learned was I want to be a doctor. "

Naturally, the first anatomical reference book can be not only a children's encyclopedia, but also some films, brochures and so on. Were not you afraid of pictures?

Are medical directories and pharmacology interesting?

Sometimes it happens that the child is seriousis fond of medicine class from the fifth. At first there were children's books, then magazines on medicine, and now pharmacology, doctors' guides. Parents may get scared, think that the child is going crazy. But this is not so. Suddenly they have a future genius, a doctor who will save thousands of lives.

So, do you have future physicians, belovedmedical library? Write one paragraph in the essay "The doctor is my future profession" about what books you have available, whether you read them, and what topics you know by heart.

It happens that at the doctor's office the child asks difficult questions, learns how difficult it is to learn and how many years to devote to studying.

What kind of person should I become

There comes the most crucial moment for the youngmedic: what should be the doctor? At the very beginning, we talked about kindness, responsiveness. Yes, these are important characteristics. But are you yourself so? Do not you hurt others not only physically, but also morally?

Unfortunately, many doctors in the presenttime to patients are rude, can be scolded for no reason. Maybe you have encountered such in the children's polyclinic or your parents, relatives? The patient spoils the mood, there is resentment. But the worst thing is that because of this people start to engage in dangerous self-medication. God grant, if the treatment is chosen correctly. And if not?

Your task is to prevent such an attitude fromthemselves to future patients. Maybe these important moments can be written in the composition "My future profession is a doctor" (Grade 5). Senior students and students of medical colleges should write an essay.

My future subjects: chemistry and biology

Of course, a fifth grader is hard to imagine thatis chemistry. Although, if he studied the encyclopedia "From A to Z" in its entirety, then he has an idea of ​​this difficult science. Here is an example of a passage from the book "Without chemistry, my future profession as a dentist can not exist."

my future profession is a doctor of grade 5

"Doctors work with medicines consisting ofchemical substances. And it's not so important, pure chemistry is there or plant components. And in the body chemical reactions are continuously created. The doctor should have an idea of ​​how the medicine will affect the patient.

Biology is perhaps the most important subject in medicine. Every medic should know the structure of the human body, how the blood circulation, digestion and much more take place. "

Am I ready for difficult studies at a medical school?

Are you ready to answer this question? If yes, then you can not imagine how difficult it is to study at a medical institute. In addition, you will have to learn the Latin language, on which all medicine is based. You need to have at least a small desire to learn a foreign language. Let's look at an example:

"My mother's friend works as a pediatrician. I'm also getting rid of her. She is a very good person, she knows a lot of interesting things. Perhaps, thanks to her, I want to become a medic. My mother's friend often goes to conferences in England, Germany, Japan and Israel. She has a high salary for qualification, there are diplomas and prizes. I now understand that it is necessary to seriously study foreign languages, since my future profession may depend on this. In English, a doctor is a doctor. I know about this. Of course, I need to learn a lot of words, grammar rules, be able to translate. "

 my future profession in English physician

So we looked at the options for writing an essayor composition. Remember that any such topics are given so that you are serious about your future field of activity and are not mistaken.

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