It is known that every complex branch of the humanactivity is a system. At least it can be described so. No exception is right here. Being a collection of different norms and codes, it is not at all a messy chaos, but a certain structure.

The concept and elements of the system of law
What does the concept and elements show to us?system of law? Everything that is basic in this structure, what it consists of, and how all this is related. It is possible to make such definition: the system of law represents a certain whole with the internal device. It does not develop arbitrarily, but is a theoretical embodiment of legal norms that exist in reality. It is also changing, developing and improving in full accordance with the evolution of social relations.

The concept and elements of the system of law allow usTo see which parts are right and what their interaction is. We can say that each such structure has developed historically in different parts of the world and even in countries. After all, every society consists of a multitude of groups that have diverse, sometimes conflicting interests and needs. They need to be regulated. Therefore, there were different legal norms.

The concept and elements of the system of law
If we explore the concept and elementssystem of law, we will see that the main concept of this organization is unity. Of course, lawyers and law makers have always tried to balance social relations and create a legislative system that would function like a clock. But the practice makes its own adjustments to these good wishes. Therefore, the rules of law, although they are coordinated in every way, are usually not always harmonious. There are so many cases when they contradicted each other.

These norms are the basicthe concept of law is its basic structural unit. This is a kind of codified standard of behavior. The state defines and protects them. They regulate not all relations in society, but the most important and fundamental. They are "pebbles", of which the building of legislation is being built.

Basic concepts of law
Depending on the nature of such relationships insociety, the norms are grouped by industry - criminal, civil, and so on. The concept and elements of the legal system also include smaller branches of industries. This occurs when a homogeneous group of norms can be delineated into even smaller parts. They are called sub-sectors.

There are norms that regulate someside of relations in society. They can come from different industries, but can be distinguished from one. They are called institutions of law. This, for example, the institution of trusteeship (family branch), property (civil). But human rights are a group of norms from different areas (constitutional, criminal, and so on). Institutions can be classified as procedural and material. They can also differ in their purpose. If such elements of the legal system can be divided into even smaller structures, they are already called sub-institutions.

In general, all these terms are, rather,scientific than practical. The concept and structural elements of the legal system are necessary for lawyers in order to determine this phenomenon and to reveal its internal structure and hierarchy.

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