Many schoolchildren dream of becoming doctors, but far awaynot everyone understands that it is very difficult to study, and the work is responsible. In this article, let's look at examples of how to write an essay on the topic "My future profession is a doctor".

Stories from life, how doctors helped

How to write an essay on this topic, if you really want to become a doctor? Of course, describe why this profession attracted, what goals you set for yourself.

my future profession is a doctor writing

What to rely on when writing a composition? You can give vivid examples from life. It is recommended to answer the question "Why do I want to become a doctor" before writing the text?

Remember some episode from childhood, where you, relatives or friends saved the life of a physician. It is possible to describe the actual case of assistance provided.

Responsibility for the patient's life

Doctors of any specialization should know wellyour business, to properly help. Human destiny depends on them. Of course, you need to learn all your life, learn new things, analyze, while helping patients in parallel and not forgetting about your own health.

If you were asked to write an essay on a topic"Doctor", then you need to describe what it should be. If the teacher allows, then dedicate the topic to the doctor who helped you a lot. You can also reveal personal traits. For example, write about his character, care and respect for each patient.

Describe that the doctor's responsibility is enormous: he must fully examine the patient, if required. Under no circumstances should he engage in extraneous matters when he is asked for help.

Aspiration to help

What kind of physician should a positive trait be? Of course, this is the desire to help everyone recover. Why do I want to become a doctor? Because I know that I will help everyone. Another's trouble is my misfortune. God has brought me into medicine, which means I will work with people who have something that hurts. And pain - it's agony, bad mood, the destruction of big plans for the future. The doctor must have a kind and compassionate heart to understand the person who came to him.

why I want to become a doctor

It happens that the patient is getting better fromfirst visit to a good doctor. I have not bought medicines yet, which have been prescribed, but I feel much better. We can say that the patient visited a talented doctor from God.

The doctor must be able to love life and people

Why is my future profession a doctor? Write only write on yourself, do not need to rely on someone else's opinion. The meaning is completely lost if you quote well-known doctors or medical students. Remember that it is your opinion that can become decisive.

For example, you write in the composition that your dad -a talented surgeon, and my mother an otolaryngologist, and we need to continue the generation of doctors. Or you parents are forced to go to the medical field. Do you yourself want to help the sick people recover? Maybe you have a soul to another profession.

how much to study for a doctor

And do you know what is important for a good doctor? He must love not only life but also people. This does not mean that the doctor must hug each patient and iron in a sore spot. No, he must have a sincere desire to help.

A good doctor is a happy person. You can write this text: "If I know how to love and appreciate life, then I will become a doctor." A composition is a reasoning, a development of thinking. Often when writing a text there are some ideas, plans, comes to comprehension of something. Therefore, writing is very useful.

It is not easy to learn, it's easy to fight

Do you know how much to study for a doctor you need? Medical universities train specialists for more than 5 years. Everything will depend on what kind of specialization you choose. The more responsible she is, the longer she is trained.

It is advisable to write what kind of doctor you arewant to become. For example, you want to treat small children, become a pediatrician. Or is it your dream to be a psychotherapist or a psychologist? Of course, there are hundreds of specializations, it's impossible to know everything, but you need to have an approximate idea. As we said at the very beginning, you can give a vivid example from your life. For example, an oncologist doctor chose such a profession, because his close people had a serious illness in this area. He saw the torment of his relatives, so he decided in the future to understand the cause of the diseases and find ways to solve the problem. If you have a similar situation, then you can beautifully write the text "My future profession is a doctor". The writing, essay or article in this case will be interesting. Make every effort to get a beautiful and easily readable text.

Biology and Chemistry

In medicine, each student will studydepth chemistry and biology. It is necessary to begin to understand and remember from the first lessons in school on these subjects. These are two very complex and interconnected subjects.

What can you write about in the composition? For example, to tell you that in chemistry and biology you have time to "excellent" - this is not enough. It is necessary to be able to argue. You know that only a qualified doctor who knows perfectly these two subjects will be able to prescribe the right treatment for you. After all, the body processes chemical processes, which we do not see. But the doctor "sees" them when he studies the results of your tests.

essay on the subject of a doctor

Look at how much to study for a doctor:

  • 5-6 years is the main course of study;
  • 2-3 years - training in the chosen specialization and internship;
  • as much as you need to learn in residency and get a certificate of self-employment;
  • at will postgraduate study.
    I will become a doctor writing

If you decide to become a doctor seriously, then you will not be intimidated by such terms of training. You can write a few words about it in the composition.


So, you wrote a text on the topic "My futureprofession - doctor. " The writing is coming to a logical conclusion. As a rule, one should draw conclusions or describe any plans for the future. For example, promise that you will achieve your goal or answer the question: "Are you going to do exactly the way you described it?" Thus, you simultaneously ask yourself the question: "Am I sure that this is my profession, am I If the answer is yes, then the work will be highly appreciated by the teacher, and you will be one step closer to the right choice of the profession.

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