What is responsibility? This is the ability of a particular person, as well as a group of people or an organization, to take responsibility for their commitments.

Responsibility is in any, even the most difficultdo everything you can without placing your problems on others. In doing so, keep an answer for their actions or inaction, for bringing the started to the end, as well as for the result.

what is responsibility

What is responsibility? This is a willingness to do everything necessary, taking the initiative in their own hands. Usually, this is a man capable of executive, accurate and reliable.

Responsibility is an objective circumstance. It has different types, directions and forms. There is a tax liability, civil, parental, business, etc.

In everyday life, the subjective duty, which is called upon to account for actions, actions and their consequences, finds various manifestations. It is expressed through:

- responsibility of parents for their children;

- labor activity (the head is always responsible for the actions of his subordinates);

- resolution of conflict situations, when decisions are taken on their own and the situation is taken under control;

- military service (with the constant response of the commander for the deeds and life of his subordinates);

- performance of obligations, when any business undertaken is tried to be performed in the best way and in a timely manner.

responsibility is

What is responsibility? This, above all, personal volitional quality. Its manifestation is the control over human actions. At the same time, the external and internal forms of this subjective duty are distinguished. The first category presupposes the imposition of responsibility, which is expressed in punishability and accountability. The internal form has the character of self-regulation, expressed through a sense of duty.

What is responsibility? It:

- the ability to independently understand the fact that the dependence of the level of success, the quality of life conditions, as well as self-realization of a person is only in his hands;

- readiness to fulfill their obligations and given promises in the best way;

- the ability to realize the possible consequences that will result from decisions or actions of the individual.

tax liability

Responsibility gives certain advantages, which are:

- in self-confidence and in oneself;

- in the formation of self-esteem and respect for surrounding people;

- in exercising control over any situation, as well as self-control;

- In a rational assessment of the behavior of surrounding people, when instead of condemnation there is an awareness of the impossibility of relying on someone in this particular situation.

In order to develop in oneself such a feeling as responsibility, it is necessary:

- work on yourself, exercising constant self-control;

- to give written tasks for their own implementation and to track the terms of their implementation;

- to carry out organizational work with people on coordination of various kinds of their actions;

- communicate with their children, bearing full responsibility for them.

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