A large white shark has long been terrifyingrights. Hundreds of stories, myths and legends tell of the bloodthirstiness and insatiability of the inhabitant of the sea depths. What, in fact, is the truth, and what do we let idle fiction about the promiscuity and omnivor of this predator? What this huge fish represents and how great its danger is to humans, we will consider in this article.

A large white shark belongs to the familyherring sharks and is the largest predatory fish. It is also called the cannibal, carharodon, white death. The size of this fish is more than 7 meters, and the body weight can reach more than 3000 kg. Its habitat is quite diverse and includes seas and oceans (the continental shelf zone) with a temperature of 12 to 20 degrees, that is, coastal zones of warm and temperate climate. Sometimes they swim and into colder waters, but this happens rarely. The Mediterranean Sea sharks of this species can also visit. As a rule, these are separate populations, nevertheless, one must be careful not to become prey for the sharp teeth of predators. The coast of California, Australia, South Africa, Chile and Peru was chosen for these predators. In New Zealand, the Seychelles, the Caribbean and the East Coast of Africa, you can meet representatives of this species. They swim even in the Red Sea.

Feeds on a white shark mainly by seals,seals, sea lions and carcasses of whales. Young individuals prefer small fish, mollusks, marine mammals. Due to the fact that these predators have a higher body temperature than the rest of the fish, they are more cunning and quirky. It is interesting to observe how karharodon attacks the seal. Having smelled the prey, the predator swims swiftly at some depth and, swiming from below to the victim, rises sharply upwards and grabs it with its teeth. The most dangerous shark is famous for its unique teeth, located in several rows. In a powerful jaw, there may be more than a hundred pointed teeth with barbs that tear apart any who find themselves on the road.

It should be noted that a person is not speciala delicacy for this predator, since in his body there are many large bones, and his meat is not nutritious enough. Fortunately, the Mediterranean Sea sharks do not really favor lately. There is not enough food for them, except for this, they are subject to smuggling. They are caught for the purpose of obtaining liver, fat and fins, and their huge teeth become souvenirs. Currently, these animals are listed in the International Red Book and are carefully protected by many states. In the world there are no more than 3 500 individuals, and if you do not save these "orderlies" of the sea, you can destroy the ecosystem of the world's oceans.

White shark is a very beautiful sea animal withcigar-shaped flexible body, large head, dirty white belly and back, which has shades of gray, green and blue. This coloring allows the predator to merge with water and be invisible to its potential victims. Female are much larger than males and are viviparous. The offspring are born approximately once every two years. Females become sexually mature by 12-14 years, males - several years earlier, to 8-9 years.

The most dangerous shark can attack a person notonly in the open sea, but also in the coastal strip. Particularly it is necessary to be afraid of its divers and fishermen. In no case should one experience fate and swim in prohibited areas for swimming, since the behavior of this fish is unpredictable. Sometimes she can swim past a wounded person and not pay attention to it, but can also pounce suddenly on a calmly floating object, so it is advisable to avoid meetings with her.

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