The basis of modern education system is laidactivity approach. But the organization of the educational process with this factor in mind can cause difficulties for some teachers. Let us dwell in more detail on its main provisions.

The activity approach in the educational process must be based on the following provisions:

  • children need to develop a cognitive motive (desire to learn and learn), as well as a specific learning goal (understanding what exactly needs to be learned and found out);
  • students must perform certain actions in order to acquire the missing knowledge and skills;
  • students need to be aimed at finding and assimilating the ways of actions that allow consciously applying the acquired knowledge;
  • schoolchildren should be able to control the actions not only after completion, but also in the process of fulfilling study assignments;
  • in the educational process, it is necessary to include the solution of vital and urgent problems.

The activity approach of Leontief is the basisdeveloping education, which was continued in the Davydov system. In addition, this teaching should be the basis of the modern teaching and methodological kit for any subject.

The fact is that in the process of training at the firstplace then will be not so much the accumulation of skills and knowledge and the formation of skills in students in a narrow field, but more the formation of each individual, "self-construction" in educational activities. And the most important is the participation of the child not in individual activity, but in the collective, together with others. Because the main tasks of the teaching process is the formation and formation of the public consciousness and personality of the child.

That is why the activity approach ineducation should become the main one. Its main and basic principle is that in the learning process the child must act as the subject, and not the object of the teacher's manipulation.

It is very important to take this into account in the primary classes,since for primary school age the leading type of activity is educational activity. And the result of it should, first of all, change the student, his personal development. Therefore, the activity approach is a unique concept, in the application of which the subject of changes is the child himself, that is, the subject who carries out this activity. This concept turns the child on himself, requires mandatory reflection and self-esteem.

Recommendations for educators building the learning process on the basis of the activity approach

First, the new material should be entered easily and clearly, telling and showing.

Secondly, it is necessary to organizeresearch activities of children, so that students "think up" themselves before solving the main problem of the lesson, and also learn how to act in specific conditions.

Thirdly, the learning process must necessarily be creative, contributing to the development of the child's personality.

Fourth, in the educational process, it is necessary to form practical actions or mental ones.

Fifth, the teacher must motivate the students,so that they set their own goals and objectives, and also found ways and means to achieve them. Thanks to this, children will be able to organize their activities optimally. In addition, the teacher should help everyone to form the skills and skills of self-monitoring and self-esteem.

Sixthly, training must necessarily be ahead of development, so that the material is relevant and necessary.

In general, we need to draw the following conclusion. The activity approach should become the basis of any educational process in modern institutions.

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