Saratov's colleges are some of the best educationalinstitutions of the city. A large number of students from different cities of the Russian Federation come here, and there are also those who live in neighboring countries. Some of the best institutions will be described in this article. But this does not mean that those colleges that are not sounded are not worthy of attention. If there is a difference between them, then only in the teachers and the ability to present the material. All Saratov colleges deserve special attention of applicants upon admission.

Financial and technological college

Saratov Finance and Technology College -structural unit of SGAU. NI Vavilov. The college is interconnected with the departments of the university. For training interactive multimedia equipment is used. The Information and Library Center provides students with printed and electronic publications, gives access to the Internet. The college cooperates with enterprises of the Saratov region, which provides a combination of theoretical training and practical activities and the demand for graduates in production.

colleges of Saratov

Medical College (Saratov)

Saratov Regional Basic Medical Collegetrains specialists of many profiles and different levels for more than a century. Free education is provided in the case of obtaining an average or basic general. On the basis of a professional level, you can undergo paid training on reduced and accelerated programs in the evening form of training. In principle, almost all the colleges of Saratov work in this way.

Some courses are available for distance learninglearning. In addition to its building, the college has offices in medical institutions in Saratov where practical classes are held. The automated system AIST contributes to the employment of graduates.

medical college of Saratov

Vocational and pedagogical college

Considering the colleges of Saratov, it is necessaryto study in detail the following educational institution. Professional-pedagogical college of the Saratov State Technical University. A. Gagarin is known for the fact that the famous astronaut studied here, which is quite logical and understandable by name. The college produces masters of more than 30 specialties. The organization of the learning process allows you to get knowledge from highly qualified teachers and leading production specialists.

College workshops are instrumental,welding, wiring, machining, body shop and a section of CNC machines - can qualitatively master the manufacturing profession. Students are practicing in high-tech industries. This institution is quite popular, and the students call it simply "Gagarin's College."

college gagarin saratov

Saratov constantly accepts a lot of visiting applicants who want to try their hand at admission to this institution.

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