Every schoolboy knows who was the first person,but there are hardly many people who know about what Gagarin's callsigns were, or why this particular cosmonaut was chosen for such an important role.

Why Yuri Gagarin?

Obviously, the choice of the person who is the firstwill fly into space, was long and complicated. Among the applicants were two dozen pilots, who, however, were not considered the best pilots in the country. Since the future cosmonaut was chosen by Korolev himself, he primarily paid attention to such indicators as growth and weight, since the dimensions of the first spacecraft were very modest. Another condition was belonging to the CPSU.

what were the call letters from Gagarin

The preparation of the first flight was complicated by the fact thatThe Soviet Union was to outstrip America. Those who were fortunate to be the first to go into space were chosen at the last moment. They were Yuri Gagarin and his backup German Titov, Gagarin's call sign during the flight was "Cedar", and his partner - "Eagle".

space callsign of Gagarin


The launch took place on April 12, 1961, the ship"East" went from the Baikonur cosmodrome. After completing one revolution around the Earth, the ship completed its flight, after which the space callign of Gagarin, however, like the cosmonaut himself, became famous throughout the world.

As the braking system failed,the apparatus with a new world hero landed not in a prepared place in advance - 110 km from Stalingrad, and next to Engels, in the village of Smelovka. He landed there, where hardly expected such a valuable guest, and it is unlikely that one of the locals knew what Gagarin's call sign was.

Meeting of the cosmonaut

As Gagarin landed in the uninhabitedterrain, the first whom he met was the wife of a forester and granddaughter. A little later the military arrived to the scene of events, who took the descent vehicle under guard and drove the cosmonaut to the nearest part. Already being in the unit, Gagarin handed the commander of the division a message in which he said that the flight was successful and he was safe and sound.

callsign of Gagarin during the flight

At the same time, I left the airport in Engelshelicopter to find and take on board Gagarin. They did not catch the cosmonaut on the landing site, but local residents informed them that he had gone to Engels by truck. On the way to the city the pilot saw Gagarin waving his arms and picked him up to go to the airport together.

At the Engel airfield, he was already expected tocould go to the base, report on his successful work and that from this moment on the whole world learned what callsign Gagarin had during the first flight into space. On the spot he received a congratulatory telegram from the government of the Soviet Union. In the control room, and then in the headquarters of the base of Yuri Gagarin, the world-famous cosmonaut, was taken to the Victory so that he could report to Moscow about the results of his work.


Soon at the airport in Engels appeared twoaircraft on board which arrived deputy commander of the Air Force and a team of journalists. While the dispatchers were establishing contact with Moscow, Gagarin talked to reporters and took pictures. As soon as the contact was established, Yuri Gagarin personally informed Khrushchev and Brezhnev that the flight was successful.

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Interesting Facts

  • Before the "East" went into space,TASS representatives prepared three messages at once. The first was in case the flight was successful, the second - if the ship landed not in the territory of the USSR, and the third - about the death of the pilot and an unsuccessful flight. Fortunately, only the first was useful.
  • As a bonus Gagarin received the Volga with a registered number that contained the date of the flight and the initials of the cosmonaut 12-04 SAG.
  • After the death of the Queen Gagarin proposed to bury him on the moon.
  • In the Soviet Union, every child knew what Gagarin's callsigns were.
  • Since the flight of the "East" was on autopilot, in fact Gagarin was an observer, who would have to take control in case of failure of the control system.
  • One of the craters on the moon is named after Gagarin.
  • Gagarin's famous expression "Well, let's go!" Is a quote taken from one of the heroes of Dickens.

The fact that the first manned flight into spacetook place exactly in the Soviet Union, became very important for strengthening the position of the USSR in the international arena. And from this won not only the USSR, but also the astronaut himself, who became famous throughout the world, and a representative of any continent and nationality learned what callsigns Gagarin had.

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