The city of Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and one of the mostterritorially close to Russia's European capitals. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltic region, attracting many tourists. And, of course, the city is full of gorgeous shops and shopping centers, in which and pulls to look for interesting purchases. Moreover, many tourists are just behind this and come to the shopping centers of Vilnius. The advantages of shopping are obvious, for example, almost all types of transport are available that allow you to get there. There is also a wide choice of European-quality goods, modern shopping centers in Vilnius with many different places of rest and shops, the possibility of strolling from the store to the store, visiting the city's sights.

Features of shopping in Vilnius

The main shopping street of Vilnius is Gedimino Avenue, which stretches to the Neris River from the Old Town. Shops on the street are located on both sides.

Vilnius Shopping Centers

In the old town are the streets of Vokieciu, Piliesand Didzioji, strolling along which you can plunge into the spirit of the Middle Ages, examining the ancient buildings, along the way wrapping in boutiques of the world's most famous brands and shopping centers of Vilnius. By the way, their addresses are in any guide.

Russian-speaking guests of the city should notthere are problems with purchases, since most consultants and tellers in stores speak Russian. When there is a Tax Free sticker on the door of the store, it means that when buying from a certain amount it will be possible at departure to get a refund of VAT in the amount of approximately 12% of the value of the goods purchased. However, this return is issued only to citizens of those countries that are not members of the EU. The rest to get special checks you need to present your passport. Bought goods together with a check are presented at the customs office when leaving the country, where the check is stamped properly (the stamp is valid for 3 months).

Virtually all major shopping centers in Vilniuswork from 10 to 22 every day. Supermarkets of large networks, such as Maxima, Prizma, Rimi, are often represented in shopping centers and often offer customer cards or bonus cards that give discounts on purchases. In addition to shopping centers, there are many shops in Vilnius. Usually they are open from 8:00 to 23:00 (note that alcohol is only sold until 22:00).


"Acropolis" - the main and largesta shopping and entertainment center in Vilnius, where you can easily spend the whole day with the whole family. The constant European quality of the widest range of goods sold in more than 250 stores in the shopping center, novelties of world brands - all this makes the shopping center "Acropolis" in Vilnius the most attractive for buyers. Moreover, the very concept of shopping in Vilnius often becomes synonymous with the name of this shopping and entertainment complex.

 shopping center acropolis in vilnius

At the box office for only one and a half euros can be purchasedA discount card for making even more profitable purchases in stores of all famous brands. On the territory you can find and visit one of the whole network of represented banks, a cinema, Internet cafes, bowling, cafes and restaurants with dishes of national Lithuanian cuisine, European menu and popular fast food, solarium, beauty salon, ice arena and many more useful and interesting. places. Here the construction megamarket "Hermitage" also works.

Before the "Acropolis" from the Vilnius station, withthe railway station square, on the direct route for half an hour everyone will be taken by bus number 53. Back to the station from the "Acropolis" can be accessed, leaving the main entrance and through the parking lot descended into the underground passage, and then turning to the left.

From the bus station directly from the platform you can take a bus. Go to the "Acropolis" on it for about 15 minutes. The fare, as well as in the bus - 1 euro.

"Europe" (Vilnius)

Shopping center Europa - one of the most famous incity. It covers an area of ​​more than 21 m square, and includes about 80 outlets, plus a huge food store, selling on more than a square kilometer of the area. Also there are 4 restaurants and 5 cafes. Among them - the most famous restaurant in Vilnius among similar institutions is Japanese cuisine Miyako. The shopping center itself is not only unique, but also modern looking. This applies to both design and architecture. A fountain, a huge number of living plants and flowers inside makes shopping trips especially enjoyable. At any time of the year visited the shopping center "Europe" fall into the eternal summer.

europe vilnius shopping center

The shopping center is connected to a seven-storey parking loton more than a thousand cars. With parking you can easily go to any floor of the shopping center, and after making purchases, it's also easy to return to your car, using a convenient information system.


The territory of 180,000 square meters.m, which is located about 200 modern stores offering an incredibly wide range of fashion and footwear, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, household goods, office supplies and office equipment - that's what the Ozas shopping center is. In addition to other stores, you can immediately find not only the boutiques of the world's most famous brands, but also visit the departments of not such famous but interesting designers.

Vilnius shopping malls

In addition, Ozas is one of the most belovedchildren places in Vilnius, and this is natural. Inside is the largest in the country family entertainment center X Planet, which has more than fifty attractions, including a rock for young climbers, trampolines, etc. Unlimitedly, you can stay in X Planet for 5.5 euros. But you can pay and only one game hour, which costs 3.5 euros. The child can remain under the patronage of animators.

Among other pleasant bonuses and the fact that citizensother states that have arrived on a shopping tour to Vilnius can, after presenting a passport and filling in the form, receive a special discount card VIP Shopping.

"Panorama" (Vilnius)

Shopping center "Panorama" - one more in a turnmalls of the Lithuanian capital. From "Panorama" to Kaunas airport there are buses that allow to consider this shopping center convenient for tourist shopping, despite its distance from the center of the capital of Lithuania. Arriving in the "Panorama", no one will be left without a purchase in 200 stores with a variety of assortments. The entire first floor of the shopping center is occupied by the stores of goods for the house. On the second floor there are clothes and shoes, as well as an entertainment area.

panorama of Vilnius shopping center

The presence of boutiques and stores of famous brandsis comparable with the same list of the shopping center "Acropolis". Cafes and restaurants occupy the entire third floor, from which visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Vilnius. Tourists may be interested in, for example, the restaurant Gril-Brazil ("Grill-Brazil"). For the entrance you need to pay only about $ 10 per person. For this amount you can taste as many shish kebabs from different types of meat, and even with garnish to them. And only drinks need to be paid according to the price list.


Preserved since Soviet times shopping centerVilnius (at the moment he is over 35 years old). Now it has more than 150 stores. Here is the famous billiard club Free ball.

shopping centers in Vilnius

In the not so famous among tourists shoppingcenters of Vilnius like Flagman and Gedimino 9, also interesting for shopaholics, it makes sense to visit if the trip is longer than one day or even a couple of days off.

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