Ukrainian jewelry factories are not too longhistory, but demonstrate active and rapid development. Beginning with small manufactures or artisanal workshops today, the largest enterprises distribute their products throughout the country and far abroad.

From the beginnings to the present

Jewelcrafting in Ukraine knows the heydayand decline. Ancient works found in steppe mounds are characterized by an original look at the ornaments. They reflect nature in its unsurpassed beauty and craftsmanship of a jeweler who interpreted the Divine Providence on Earth. Most of the samples of ancient jewelry are made of metals: gold, silver, bronze. There are almost no products with stones, which is due to the lack of deposits of stone for jewelry. But the works of ancient masters reflect the numerous cultures that inhabited the Ukrainian lands. Practically on the plowed fields of modern Trypillya, which is near Kiev, you can find buckles, hairpins, hryvnia period Chernyakhovskaya, Trypillia and many other cultures.

Development of economic relations and transitthe country's position allowed Ukrainian jewelers to gain access to European and Russian traditions of applied art. Also at the disposal of the craftsmen appeared precious and semiprecious stones, which gave rise to a new stage of development, expressed in the general name of the cultural period, known as the Ukrainian baroque. In the newest Soviet period, the industry developed under the sign of planned economy, and several large jewelry enterprises were created in the Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov and Odessa regions. With the collapse of the USSR, the free market gave impetus to the emergence of new plants. Today, jewelry factories in Ukraine are estimated in several dozen, and private entrepreneurs and small artels are difficult to count.

Manufacture of jewelery

Jewelry factory of the new century

Love of jewelery and craftsmanshipserved as an excuse for the creation of a new enterprise in the east of the country, called the jewelry factory "Golden Age". The company is almost the same age as the 21st century: the year of foundation was 1999. The underlying small production to date has grown into one of the country's largest enterprises.

Its mission is to create a teamsuch ornaments that are able to materially capture the best emotions of happy moments of life. To achieve a noble goal and fulfill the mission entrusted to itself, much attention is paid to the quality standards of the products. The originality of the design, excellent assembly, clean stones, a large assortment - these areas of development are prioritized in the company. The factory produces silver and gold products. "Golden Age" is a company focused on the buyer, living in rhythm with the modernity, honoring tradition, who loves to admit to love for life and loved ones.

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Jewelry company produces more than 20 thousandnames of products and constantly extends the nomenclature, being guided by consumer inquiries and fashion in the world jeweler community. The main assortment of the company's jewelry is presented in several main categories.

Gold products "Golden Age":

  • Rings.
  • Earrings.
  • Chains.
  • Pendants
  • Collections.
  • Diamonds.
  • Wedding accessories.

Silver products "Golden Age":

  • Rings.
  • Earrings.
  • Pendants.
  • Crosses.
  • Bracelets.
  • Wards.
  • Collection "Ethnic ornament".

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Selection of newlyweds

How often are you searching for the perfect engagement orrings in honor of the engagement are delayed due to the inability to find the perfect decoration that will consolidate the marriage for the rest of your life. Jewelry "Golden Age" in these categories are presented in more than 200 models. The buyer is given a choice of several collections of basic design and multiple choice in each of them. Unique filigree works by craftsmen creating rings for newlyweds make up the pride of the plant's collection.

Wedding rings "Golden Age", assortment:

  • Smooth, classic models are made ofred and white gold. Suitable for lovers of discreet jewelry, emphasizing the status of the owner and excellent taste. The pair choice will allow to choose the same products for the female and the male hands, which will confirm the desire of the couple to unite, reflect the common desire for happiness.
  • With a diamond face. The beauty of these rings is difficult to overestimate. In this category, the rings sparkle with a classic cut, rune pattern, vegetable patterns, ethnic symbols. Created from one kind of gold or from a combination of white and red metal, they will unite the newlyweds with the symbols of peace and good.
  • Wedding rings "The Golden Age" with inserts. The design of the rings with inserts made of stones, jewelry enamel, combinations of gold, spraying and types of cuts amazes with the variety, beauty of execution. These rings are designed for joy and a long life together, they will couple the couple into a long, lasting alliance based on love and respect.
  • Combined. Jewelry is distinguished by unique combinations of two types of gold, inserts from precious diamonds or democratic cubic zirkonia, anti-stress system and a large assortment of models. They please the eye and decorate the wedding of any couple.

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Quality and harmony

Jewelry production in the company"The Golden Age" passes all the cycles. Everything begins in the design department, where the idea of ​​a ring, bracelet or amulet begins. Considering the needs of the market and sensitively reacting to customer demand, artists create real masterpieces of jewelry art. The next stage is the primary realization of the prototype of the future decoration. Carefully considering the model, the artist and jeweler pay attention to its ergonomics, convenience, beauty and aesthetics, corresponding to modern trends. If the model meets all quality standards, it is launched into production.

Jewelry "The Golden Age" is produced onmodern high-precision equipment of German, Italian companies. The quality of all products of the jewelry company is confirmed by awards of national and international exhibitions, where the jewelry of the plant has repeatedly won prizes in design, received prizes of audience sympathy.

A global and promising task in the companysee participation and a significant contribution to the revival of the jewelry business in the country, the education of new personnel, the increase of professionalism of all participants in production processes. An important role in the development of the company is played by the retail sales network, where attention is paid to the education of high-level consultants with a large knowledge base in the profile production, trends in the world jewelry business and attentive to the customers' requests of TM "Golden Age". Customer feedback gives confidence in the correctness of the chosen development strategy.

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Jewelry as a Capital

Jewelry is worn by almost everyone. Acquired, donated or inherited, they accompany our lives with beauty and memories. In addition to the emotional and aesthetic component, there is also the material value of products made of precious metals. Jewelry production can be an excellent investment. "The Golden Age" produces products that can not simply decorate. They can capitalize costs, afterwards they will return a hundredfold.

If you look more closely at the company's jewelry"Golden Age" - rings, sets with exclusive design, it will become clear that they will serve several generations of the family, will be an impeccable gift and a means of preserving capital, because nothing is more valued in the material world than gold and diamonds. Double quality control of the products allows you to be sure of the perfection of execution of any decoration and predicts him for many years of life.

The Golden Age Jewelry Store

Collection kits

In the range of jewelry produced specialistsplant pay attention to the harmonious combination and combination of all products of the plant "Golden Age". Buyers' comments say about the opportunity to purchase not just earrings or a ringlet, but about the possibility to create sets of jewelry purchased at different times. The specialists of the enterprise take into account the interest and desire to create a uniform image when using jewelry, so they offer ready-made sets of jewelry in a single design.

The assortment of jewelry created in a single design will satisfy the most demanding customer of TM "Golden Age". Jewelry store or representative office of the company will offer a choice of collections:

  • Collection "Openwork". Air decorations with elements of Baroque style. Openwork weaves of thin gold threads, decorated with cubic zirkonia, emphasize tenderness, refinement of its owner.
  • With black cubic zirkonia. Unique collection, which has an exclusive bright design and high-quality execution. Will show an unusual taste, will give color to the image of a woman.
  • With diamonds. Jewelry with diamonds do not need idle talk. They are beautiful pure bright shine, and the gold jewelry frame adds to them pride and status.
  • Exclusive solutions. Unique works of the exclusive collection. Even just considering the proposed works, you get aesthetic pleasure from the original form, cut stones and a general stunning impression. To enjoy the jewelry of this collection is a great pleasure, they are strikingly different from other lines of jewelry produced in the enterprise. Products of this class are inherited and make up the gold fund of their owner, and the design plays the same role as the materials from which the decoration is created.
  • Necklace from natural stones. Created from agates, onyx, pearls with gold inserts, they give the possessor all the useful and mystical properties of natural stone. The ornaments are aesthetic in execution, selection of stones, faceting, and the color palette of several names of necklaces is suitable for wearing on weekdays and holidays.
  • Sets with Swarovski stones. Famous Swarovski stones are successfully combined with gold in the design of jewelry from TM "Golden Age". The splendid beauty of the stone and the unique solutions of the jewelry sets will appeal to any female representative.
  • Ethnic ornament. The collection will be to the liking of lovers of Ukrainian embroidery. Drawings on rings, pendants, earrings are unique in their kind. Colors typical for Ukrainian embroidery are made with the help of jewelry enamel, laser engraving.
  • Children's collection. In this series, jewelry is presented that evoke a smile and a good mood: ladybugs, butterflies, dragonflies and much more - which will beautify and delight the little girl. Small gold pendants in the form of a small slipper, an infant's leg will serve as a gift for a young mother.
  • Wards. Slavic runes will suit lovers of gray antiquity.
  • Ornaments with aquamarines. Transparent stones with a celestial hue in a gold frame look almost weightless and aristocratic. Collected jewelry will make the owner of a beautiful fairy.
  • Complete sets of the series "Infinity". A popular symbol of infinity in the form of a horizontally placed figure "8", the company's designers embodied in the kit, which has the largest variety of shapes and styles. Its "infinity" can be found in several variations and collect your own vision of the symbol.
  • Religious collection.

Read more about the assortmentThe plant can be accessed through the website, representative offices and retail stores of the company "Golden Age". Prices for jewelry are available to any buyer: from the democratic cost to the heart of the trinkets up to the weighty costs of exclusive kits. For example, within the framework of a specific action it was possible to buy a classic engagement ring for only 980 hryvnia, this is about 2500 rubles.

The Golden Age of the Ring

Warranty and service

Jewelry needs care and neatattitude towards oneself. They complement the carefully created image, shading the dignity of its owner. Statutory or daily ornaments, maintained in proper form, serve for a long time and look actual with any changes in fashion, because the real art is out of time. From accidental breakdowns, nothing can be insured, including jewelry. "The Golden Age" guarantees not only the resistance of products to damage, but provides warranty periods for operation and repair. The time allotted for unconditional service is different, but the service can be obtained by contacting any store belonging to the "Golden Age" plant.

Reviews of consumers who bought jewelryproducts of the enterprise, are many-sided: enthusiastic buyers send thanks for beautiful ornaments and price accessibility. Couples newlyweds, who found the best, in their opinion, the model of rings, thank the creators for the beautiful design and quality performance. And someone reports an incredible success - the acquisition of an exclusive jewelry, the equal of which has not yet met. Lovers of necklaces and beads with natural stones mark the beauty of processing minerals and comfort in wearing. Many good reviews are received by shop chain sellers for quality advice, attention to the interests and needs of customers. This is a small part of the vast positive array of reviews on TM "Golden Age" products.

Reviews with negative rhetoric alsomeet. They complain about the final processing of products, not too well-fixed stones or weak weaving of chains and bracelets. Also, there are reviews with a negative evaluation of the service, but since the service is carried out locally, the claims to the manufacturer are few. You can get a high-quality repair in your own service network of TM "Golden Age", but repair shops do not have such a branched representation in the country as a chain of shops. This omission the company promises to catch up in the coming years.

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Shops and representations

An extensive network of shops is located throughout theterritory of Ukraine. In all major cities of the country you can find products of the plant in its own retail distribution network or in jewelry stores with exclusive rights to distribute the goods. In total there are more than two hundred trade outlets of TM "Golden Age" in Ukraine, the jewelry store is most often located in a popular shopping center.

Make a choice in favor of acquiring anyThe official website of the company and Internet sites for sales of TM "Golden Age" products help to decorate. Quite often, considering fine examples of jewelry, the question arises as to who is the owner of the jewelry factory "Golden Age". Who is the person who in a short time was able to create a prosperous enterprise with millions of turnover and quality goods that are not inferior in quality to the world leaders of the jewelry business? The main owner is a businessman Roman Petrenko, it was with his light hand that a small private enterprise turned into a factory that produces demanded products.

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Business address

The plant and the management company are located in the eastern part of Ukraine. You can find an enterprise at: Jewelry Factory "Golden Age", Zaporozhye, Krivorozhskaya Str. 24, Ukraine.

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