The Italian brand Atos Lombardini is an iconstyle and female unsurpassability. The collections of clothes represented by this brand are distinguished by their versatile orientation. Among them you can find both classic wardrobe variants, and skirts, stylish dresses and evening gown items. Each model is characterized by the naturalness of materials and the perfection of cut. Thanks to the efforts of fashion designers, any style of sitting perfectly as a slender representative of the beautiful half of humanity, and on a more magnificent woman.

Excursion to the history of the brand

A significant period for the legendaryItalian company Atos Lombardini were the eighties of the previous century. Initially, it was a family business, in which much attention was paid to the quality of the product and appearance. After a decade the label gained its popularity outside the vast Apennine peninsula.

Over the company's thirty-year history, the approach tomy favorite family affair has not changed at all. Today the leading positions are occupied by the daughters of the legendary Athos Lombardini, who turn clothes into more stylish and modern.

atos lombardini

Philosophy of the company and approach to the favorite business

According to the philosophy of the founder of the brandAtos Lombardini, branded clothes should have a natural and high-quality material, an ideal texture and an extravagant color scheme. Today, the brand is respected enough not only in its native country, but also on European open spaces.

A woman in the style of Atos Lombardini is fragilecreation with excellent taste, worthy of respect for the status in society and unlimited financial opportunities. In modern times, the brand produces at least five collections per year. The range of products can be attributed not only to everyday things, but also rather extravagant models that perfectly position their owner as a confident woman.

atos lombardini clothing

Assortment of products and raw materials of the brand Atos Lombardini

Clothing, which produces this legendary brand,meets all quality standards. It is made according to the latest fashion trends. Among the range of clothes Atos Lombardini you can find trousers, skirts, original jumper, tight T-shirts. This category of clothing is aimed at young people. In addition, the clothing of classical trends is very actual, which is oriented to a more serious age category.

The company has its own capacity forproduction of fabrics. The most popular textures and varieties of fabrics today are cotton, knitwear and the finest silk. To the widest range of brand products, it is necessary to include shoes and stylish accessories.

It should be noted that Atos Lombardini - it's casual clothing, which best expresses the place of a woman in society and her unsurpassed taste.

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