For today in a case at manythe fair sex has a scarf-tippet, and this is not surprising, because he has not gone out of fashion. This accessory is not only beautiful, but also convenient, especially on a cool day, which is why it is in great demand.

How to tie a tippet around your neck

Often tie a tippet around his neck, however hiscan be easily used as a headdress. This accessory is able to dramatically change your image. As a rule, this accessory is used to make a competent and attractive accent in the image of a woman. With its help, you can make something bright in your outfit, thereby attracting the attention of others. Now manufacturers offer a huge choice not only in size, fabric, but also in texture and color.

However, the question often arises: "How to tie a stole around your neck?". This is exactly what will be discussed later. The easiest way is to wrap the product around the neck, and place its tips under the collar. However, do not overtighten the product too tightly, make loose loops, leaving slight carelessness. This option can also be changed a little, throwing one of the ends behind your back.

How to tie a stole on your neck differently? The next method is very simple - just throw it on your shoulders. Of course, you have to "sacrifice" the top part of your outfit, so in advance, think over all the details of the image. This option will look more elegant if your scarf has original edges.

Scarf Tippet

There is also a more youthful option: Pull both ends forward, and at the waist, fasten the tippet with the strap. However, make sure that the scarf does not stick out from under the belt, because otherwise you will look careless.

How to tie a tippet on the neck more original? Fold the product in half, throw it over your shoulders and insert the ends into the formed loop. In this case, the knot can be slightly loosened or tightened under the neck (in case your scarf has a small width). You can beat the outfit with a brooch. Again, a little advice: if your stole has a bright color, do not "hang" on it even a huge brooch, it is better to save it for a one-color handkerchief.

Silk scarf-stole can be tied around the neck inthe form of a bow. To begin, throw the product over your shoulders, leaving one end longer than the other. Then tighten the loose knot. The longer end is gathered in an accordion and tie it short, while hiding the tails. You can tie a scarf in a loop (it must be long).

Tippet on the neck
Fold it in half and throw it over your shoulders. Put one end into the formed passage, and then unfold this "construction" and thread the second end into it. If you have a shawl with a fringe, try folding it in half and throwing it over your shoulders, then gather the ends in the accordion and tie them with fringe. And in the end just pass the resulting "flower" in a loop.

We hope that this excursion helped you in thishard work, and puzzle over how to tie a stole on your neck, will no longer have to. And most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment, invent your new options. After all, fantasy is better than any lessons.

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