Traditionally, gray is considered to be moreSoft alternative to neutral black. It perfectly fits into office, everyday, solemn and sports images. It all depends on how to play the form and complementary shades. Due to its versatility, gray color is extremely popular and gives a huge number of opportunities for styling. If you consider it in the context of one of the basic details of the wardrobe - the skirt, then you get a number of stylish, feminine and restrained images. The most popular options for any season are mini-, midi, maxi-models. With what to wear a gray skirt, depends on the style, length and case. Consider the popular ensembles in more detail.

tweed skirt gray with what to wear

With what to combine gray color

At first glance, it may seem simple andunpretentious, but if you correctly select complementary shades and combine original textures, you will be surprised by the variety of stylization possibilities. Gray color is missing in the color wheel, and therefore there are no rules and restrictions on the compatibility associated with this instrument designers and stylists. It can be supplemented with any shade. The only recommendation is to combine dark gray with bright colors, and light - with dark, for greater contrast and expressiveness of style. Even more variants of ensembles will present a variety of textures in clothing: dense, light, transparent fabrics, leather, tweed, corduroy, wool, cotton, etc. In this case, the skirt as a basic detail of the women's wardrobe will be an excellent background for other key elements of the style. Do not forget about accessories, which can become additional shade accents. With what to wear a gray skirt, depends only on the color preferences of the owner. The second case is a dress code for a particular situation, if you encounter it.

with what to wear a gray tweed skirt

Short gray skirt

Depending on the season, warm or cold,a mini-skirt of gray color can be optimally combined with a more closed or loose top for a balanced silhouette. It can be a loose white blouse or top, a brown jumper of large mating, a simple pink T-shirt. For young and self-confident ladies, stylists offer variants with shortened tops, lacy, bright t-shirts on thin straps. To make the style more restrained, add a short gray skirt of neutral color with a blazer or jacket, as well as closed shoes.

In winter, you can pick up tightmonochrome tights of black or any other color, depending on personal preferences. With what to wear a gray skirt from a tweed, prompt fashion bloggers. They combine it with a bright top, light silk blouses and jackets of the same fabric. Style preppy assumes the most optimal option for styling.

with what to wear a gray long skirt

Long gray skirt

This option will look more organic withand a slightly open top to create a balanced silhouette. A good addition will be bright prints that will revitalize the image. A short olive jacket, denim or cherry leather jacket, emphasizing the waist, will also add a zest to the ensemble. The most organically long skirt fits into the style of the kazhual with all its features and details. For the top, experiment with colors such as white, pink, red, blue, marsala, green, coral, peach. The palette as a whole sets the mood of the season. With what to wear a gray long skirt during a summer vacation, will prompt the environment. If it's a beach, then a bright top and a broad-brimmed hat will do. For a walk around the city, combine a long gray skirt with a loose or shortened pastel top.

gray skirt with what to wear photo

Gray midi skirt

A lush gray midi skirt will emphasize femininity andromantic image. Combine it with a flirty red top, shoes with high heels and a high hairdo. In the everyday version, it will look good with a white shirt, a loose turquoise sweater, a blue turtleneck, a Breton top, a purple blouse with short or long sleeves. For the solemn occasion, pick a lacy top, a snow-white blouse with ruffles or a jabot, a structured dark top of the "case" type, to the gray skirt of the midi. As a complementary top, consider the option of a red checkered jacket, a bright waistcoat, a denim shirt tied on a belt. With what to wear a gray skirt midi from the skin, the dress code of the event will tell you, since the texture itself is sufficiently expressive and attracts attention.

with what to wear a gray pencil skirt

Tweed Gray Skirt

Dense and warming tissue suggests thatsuch a skirt will organically look in the autumn-winter time, and also in the spring. Supplement it with dense monophonic pantyhose in the tone of the shoe to visually extend the legs. The top is a bright turtleneck, top in stripes with a long sleeve, a blue sweater, a beige jacket, a brown coat or a fur vest. The choice of shoes depends on the style of the skirt, occasion and mood. With a gray tweed, neutral black, dark gray color or cold shades will look good. In the new season, your wardrobe will be decorated with a tweed skirt (gray)? With what to wear this detail, you will intuitively understand, it will not cause significant difficulties. It is practical, universal, is a good background for brighter accents in ensembles.

gray skirt shorts

Gray skirt-shorts

This wardrobe detail is back in fashion andloudly announced itself in the last couple of seasons. Any youth wardrobe will decorate such a gray skirt. With what to wear (photos you will find in many fashion magazines) this version of the bottom: the classic models, classic blouses or shirts, will fit to strict models. With a gray skirt-shorts from a dense fabric, light turtlenecks and pastel sweaters will be well combined. In the autumn-winter season, choose bright or dark tights, in spring - flesh color. Skirt-shorts combine elegance and practicality, being the best model for every day

Gray pencil skirt

The model is a classic of the women's wardrobe. It is possible to emphasize its office orientation, and to give the ensemble with it a romantic or everyday practicality. "Why wear a gray pencil skirt?" - this question is asked by many business ladies, and they find quick solutions. For the office - light blouses, shirts, closed tops with short or long sleeves, dark jackets, restrained thin sweaters, blouses in the English style of classic tones. For the solemn occasion - lace tops, silk blouses, details with a shiny decor, embellishments or crystals. For every day - simple white shirts, loose tops of blue, green, cherry, pink or purple, T-shirts with wide straps, monochrome and neutral prints. Shoes - black or gray shoes with heels, wedge or boat, oxford, ballet flats in the tone of the top or bottom of the ensemble.

with what to wear a gray skirt

C than wearing a gray skirt: accessories

The choice of jewelry in this case will be dictatedthe color palette of the entire set. Neutral version - white, black, gray jewelry and accessories. By itself, gray serves as a good background, experiment with this feature. Details and decor with metallic effect will look good. Stylists recommend playing on contrast combinations.

Choosing the basic details for the renovation of the wardrobe,consider a practical and versatile gray skirt as one of the priorities. It blends well with not only neutral but also bright, contrasting colors, acting as an excellent backdrop for accents.

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