Sandals on the platform - shoes, without which in summerjust can not do. Platform - the concept is ambiguous: it can go both about a wedge, and about a small rise in usual sandals on heels. Such shoes are always relevant, since it is comfortable, beautiful and feminine. How to choose such sandals? Would any girl fit them? Let's try to answer all these questions.

platform sandals
Let's start with the fact that sandals on the platform canbe open or closed. So, in summer heat it is better to give preference to footwear with top in the form of several thin straps. This option will allow the foot to breathe and feel comfortable in the heat. For rainy or cool weather fit more closed models, similar to ankle boots, but with open toes and heels.

The platform in summer shoes can be of different sizes. In the front of the sandals, it can be up to five centimeters, in the back - fifteen. Summer sandals on the platform are so diverse that it is very difficult to name any more accurate figures. In any case, this type of shoes looks attractive and interesting. In addition, it is suitable for everyday wear, and for a party. When choosing sandals, pay attention to their stability. Always during the fitting try, think: "Would I be able to walk in such shoes for several kilometers without undesirable consequences for my legs?"

Another criterion for choosing sandals is material fromwhich made the platform. Again, there are a lot of options. The platform can be wooden or plastic. Today, more often on women of fashion, you can see sandals on a cork base, and not for nothing, because they are very light. This kind of footwear really seems weightless! This option is perfect for long walks, especially in the heat. In the summer, by the way, stylists advise to give preference to a low or medium platform, as the legs can swell, and at the height they will be very uncomfortable.

sandals on the platform photo
When choosing summer sandals, pay attention to thetheir color. It is interesting that bright colors can visually weight the shoes, but this season it is such shoes that are very popular. Nevertheless, if you are the owner of a leg of a large size, we advise you to choose shoes of natural neutral colors. Very popular today are sandals with decorations on the platform. It can be rhinestones, embroidered elements, prints or decorative stones. Quality sandals on the platform (photos perfectly demonstrate this) look good in any color and design decision.

sandals on the platform buy
The material of the upper part of the shoe can also be different: leather or textile. Obviously, it's better to choose the textile variant in the summer, but the leather upper in the form of thin straps is also an excellent solution.

The most important thing is that any footwear can be worn by anygirl. If you choose the right model and height of the platform or wedge, then advantage of the figure is highlighted. Lovers of shoes on the heel wear sandals, in which this part is combined with the platform in front. Many representatives of the weaker sex buy sandals on the platform due to the fact that they visually extend their legs. In addition, such shoes are comfortable and stable, so it is suitable even for those with leg problems. No doubt, sandals on the platform, which you can buy today in any shoe store - the number 1 choice for the summer! Be fashionable!

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